Spiritual Mentoring

I offer private spiritual mentoring, psychic and mediumship mentoring, which you can learn more about here.

Spiritual Mentoring

Whether you are just beginning with your spiritual journey, want to deepen your spiritual practice for yourself or want to hone your psychic and mediumship abilities as a professional, Spiritual Mentoring can help.

Here’s how it works. Once you decide how many Spiritual Mentoring sessions you would like (you can book one, four or eight sessions with me), send me your goals. I use that to customize an agenda and exercises specifically for you.

As I work with you and see how you are progressing, I’ll be helping you explore the best way of tapping into your abilities given your goals. The way I work with you is interactive. I tune into you as you are practicing with me so I can see what your energy is doing. This means we get to work on blocks and on opening you up quicker, getting to what will help develop you the most.

Some of the goals that people have asked me to help them with in the past are:

– Opening more to express their deeper purpose in life
– Developing better psychic and energetic boundaries
– How to stay grounded and protected energetically
– Learn to work with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters
– Learning how to connect with Family or Pets on the Other Side
– Becoming a better psychic or medium
– Understanding the spiritual process of death and the afterlife
– Developing better confidence in receiving messages
– Exploring other realms (dimensions, inner and outer)
– Opening the Third Eye, Heart, or other chakra
– Working on a particular psychic ability, such as psychic hearing
– Trance healing
– Trance speaking
– How to read Tarot and Oracle Cards or how to improve card readings
– Using your intuition to make choices
– Learning to meditate

Whatever your goals are, we’ll work together to achieve as much as we can.

This spiritual mentoring program is not a substitute for psychic or mediumship readings. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical advice or treatment.

When: Begin at any time. These sessions are one-on-one. Each session is one hour in length.
Where: In-person in Toronto (Bloor and Christie) or In-person, by Skype or phone in Oakville
Email me:After you book your session with me, please email me your goals. I’ll use these to create a program for you to help you reach your goals.

Purchase one session or a group of sessions to save! Prefer a payment plan? Please contact me for details.

Book A Mentorship Session – $180

4 Mentorship Sessions Package – $640

8 Mentorship Sessions Package – $1200