Learn Reiki

So, you want to learn Reiki? If you’ve had a Reiki session, then you know how powerful Reiki energy can be. You can learn to channel this energy so you can start helping yourself and others. I’m a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association which means that you will learn everything you need to become a Certified Reiki Practitioner or a Certified Reiki Master.

You’ll also get the added benefit of learning how to incorporate your intuition with a Reiki session so you can work more effectively toward achieving your goals of wellness. When I designed this workshop for you, I wanted to give you everything I know from all my areas of expertise to help you become a rock-solid energy healer.

Reiki Level One: Practitioner Level

This is the level that teaches you all you need to know about how to give someone a Reiki session. It’s also where you learn how to give Reiki energy to yourself so that your chakras and energy system can work at their optimal level.

By opening up to Reiki energy, you’ll be taking a further step along your own spiritual path and adding another element to exploring your purpose.

You learn how to:

  • conduct a full Reiki session from start to finish
  • use various techniques that help you clear and energize your aura and chakras
  • use non-traditional energy techniques to enhance your standard Reiki session
  • give an effective Reiki session when dealing with a person with compromised mobility
  • incorporate other ways of using Reiki in your life to help your environment remain harmonious

In addition, you receive your Reiki level one attunement to help you open up and activate your Reiki energy channels.

Level One
One day workshop – $300

Reiki Level Two: Practitioner Level

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn sacred Reiki symbols to increase the flow of your channelling ability, and send energy across distance and time. This means that you can now help people who are unable to meet with you in person.

You’ll also learn a special Reiki symbol that assists in releasing old emotions and stuck emotional energy so that you can help yourself and others let go of what they need to and start moving forward again in their life.

Did you know that Reiki energy can help you manifest what you want to create in your life? In this level, you’ll find out how you can blend Reiki with manifestation techniques to give your manifestation ability a boost.

You learn how to:

  • use sacred Reiki symbols to focus energy like a laser so you can intensify the energy in one area
  • connect with Spirit Guides and Angels that specifically work with you as a Reiki energy healer
  • explore different distant healing techniques so that you can find the most effective one for you to use
  • create a manifestation grid and charge it with Reiki energy so you can give yourself a better chance of creating what you want in your life

In addition, you receive your Reiki level two attunement to further strengthen your ability to hold and channel higher level energy so you can be a more powerful Reiki practitioner.

Level Two
One day workshop – $400

Reiki Level Three: Master Level

Want to do something really special? You can learn how to give Reiki attunements to other people so they can start using Reiki themselves and for their loved ones. You can give attunements to your spouse, children, friends, even your pets so you can help them embody the higher vibrational energies of Reiki.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn the sacred Master Reiki symbol used by Dr. Usui. You’ll also learn all the necessary Reiki symbols to give level one, level two, and master level attunements. This workshop is for you if you want to start teaching Reiki workshops, start your own Reiki business or learn to give attunements.

You learn how to:

  • use the sacred Master Reiki symbol during a session
  • conduct an attunement to activate other people’s Reiki abilities
  • give different styles of attunements
  • start and run your own Reiki business
  • structure a class so it’s fun and engaging

In addition, you receive your Reiki Master attunement.

Master Level
Two day workshop – $650