Intuition Development Meditations MP3s

Whether you are just beginning to work with your intuition or you are an advanced practitioner, these powerful guided meditations will help you to open and strengthen your intuitive abilities.

Some of these meditations are the same ones I use with my students. They have found them helpful.

You can download what tracks you like below. These meditations are specifically designed to open up and stretch all of your psychic senses while you get guidance for yourself from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and Ascended Masters. Please listen to the samples to see which ones you like.

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Reaching Heaven and Earth (8:35)

Connect with Heaven and Earth energies. This is an excellent grounding meditation.

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Journey to the Higher Self (15:38)

Meet your wise Higher Self, ask questions and get guidance.

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Removing Blocks with St. Germain (15:47)

Remove energetic blocks with St. Germain so you can keep growing and expanding into joy. May help when you feel stuck.

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Two Roads, One Path (22:16)

Use your intuition to make a decision. Great for when you face different choices in your life.

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Affirmations for Intuition Development (4:39)

Affirmations to help accelerate your psychic abilities.

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Journey Through the Clairs (13:19)

Open your psychic abilities by experiencing all ways of psychic perception – seeing, hearing, knowing, tasting and smelling.

Becoming the Archetype (16:18)

Messages can come symbolically through different symbols. Interact with two Universal symbols and discover a personal symbol.

Mists of Time (16:32)

Travel through time and get guidance from three wise channels.

Chakra Clearing (16:40)

Keep your energy centers healthy. When your chakras are balanced, you are more intuitive.