Preparing for a Psychic Reading

When I tune for you, I aim to give you the most accurate, honest and helpful reading I can. Here’s what may help you to get the most out of your reading with me.

1. Think about what areas or questions you want to cover in your reading

I can read your energy and get messages about certain things along your path, but I can’t read your mind. If you would like me to tune into particular areas of your life or if you have questions, please let me know! I actually prefer you to ask me questions so that we cover what concerns you most.

2. Your future can change

Your future is affected by many things. You obviously have a certain amount of influence as to what happens to you. You can change your thoughts, emotions or energy and this can change your future.

Another is what the Universe has in store for you. There is a divine plan for you. You are not meant to know everything about that plan or it may change how you experience it.

When I read for you, I am giving you what the most likely outcome will be for your future. These predictions are based on the moment in time of your reading and where the energy of your life path is currently manifesting.

3. How you get your psychic reading doesn’t change how I work

There are four ways for you to receive your reading: In-person, Phone, Skype, or Email. It doesn’t matter to me which method you choose – Spirit and the psychic realm transcend space so you don’t have to be in front of me, for me to get messages for you.

If you would like an in-person reading, that’s great! I’d love to meet you face to face. But if you don’t want to come in-person or can’t travel the distance, that’s fine too! Spirit will still give me what you are meant to receive.

The quality of your reading is the same no matter what method you prefer.  In-person, phone, and Skype readings are by appointment.  For email readings, keep reading!

Interested in a reading by email?

Here are the steps to take.  After you’ve scheduled your appointment and made your payment, please do the following:

Please email me your questions in the order of importance to you. I’ll get through as many as I can in the time allotted.

Typically I can tune into 2 – 4 questions in 15 minutes depending on their depth. If you have more questions or areas you would like to cover you can book a longer reading if necessary.

If you have photos of people you are asking about, please attach them. Sometimes I get a little more information by looking at their energy. But if not – no worries! I go off name vibrations as well and just need a first name and relationship.

4. The more receptive you are, the more the information will flow

If you are guarded or want me to prove something to you when you have your reading, you will actually be hindering the flow of energy. My favourite clients are those who are open and receptive. They get the best readings because the information and the energy just flow.

If I get something and it’s not what you are hoping to hear, I will still give it to you in an honest and gentle way.

5. If you have photos please bring them, if not – no worries!

If you are asking me about other people – your partner, child, boss, etc – feel free to bring me a photo or email it to me. I sometimes get a little bit more from looking at their energy. What I see is their aura and other things that pop up of a psychic nature – like how their energy interacts with other people.

If you don’t have a photo, that’s okay. I read people without photos all the time. I can go through the vibration of a first name and relationship to you. Sometimes I don’t even need a name – just a relationship.

Most of my clients who do bring me photos have digital pictures on their phones or tablets. That’s fine. Sometimes I’ve even looked at facebook photos.

The photo doesn’t have to be very recent and if you have more than one person in it, that’s okay. In fact, bring a few and I’ll see which one works best.

6. Psychics shouldn’t be making your decisions for you

No matter what comes through in a psychic reading, you must always trust your own gut and make your own decision. It’s meant to be a tool to complement all the other sources of information you have. It doesn’t take the place of professional expertise like a doctor, lawyer, psychotherapist, or financial advisor.

Psychic readings can bring clarity, closure, direction, and new understanding. It may give you things to think about that you would not have considered before. In the end, it’s still your life and you need to take full ownership of it and the decisions you make.