House Clearing

You can have your home cleared so you can feel more at peace. Clearing a home means that any negative energies are eliminated and any spirits that have not crossed into the light are helped on their way.

You may feel that you can’t relax or sleep because you feel unsettled in your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, condo, house or office. There are some things that may be happening that just don’t feel right.

Some common signs that you’d benefit from a House Clearing:

  • You may find your emotional state or thinking changes for no apparent reason when you are in a certain part of your home
  • You may feel someone is standing near you when there is no one else is around
  • You may have had actual contact with a spirit – either by feeling the spirit touching you or by you seeing the spirit
  • You may be hearing footsteps when no one is walking in the house
  • Your kids may tell you that they see or hear a spirit
  • You may see objects move on their own or they may suddenly appear or disappear
  • People in your family may have similar dreams of someone trying to scare them or approach them
  • Your pets react strangely to something that you can’t see

It’s Not Just Spirits That Can Affect You

Your house may still have old vibrations from the people who used to live there. An energetic imprint of their emotions and thoughts can be left behind. This can affect you very subtly or if you are sensitive to spiritual energies, it can have more of an impact on you. A House Clearing Session can help remove these subtle traces.

It can also have an influence when selling your house. The energetic feel of your house is important to potential buyers. Perhaps there’s something they don’t like about your house, but they “can’t put their finger on it”. It just doesn’t feel right.

When you have your House Clearing, I go through each and every room to sense if there’s a presence or if it just needs the energy cleared. Once I’ve assessed the situation, I work diligently to clear your space of any unwanted energies and spirits.

Could it be Your Family Trying to Get Your Attention?

Sometimes you may feel that your house is haunted. You get scared because there is a spirit in your house. There is no reason for you to be scared as most spirits are harmless.

In fact, your family members who have already crossed into the light may be trying to get your attention or send you a message. Family in spirit do come to visit you periodically. They watch over you and will show up for different reasons.

If this is your family in spirit, then I’ll let you know. You may find great comfort knowing that you are being watched over and guided by your loved ones who have already crossed into the light.

What if it’s Not My Family?

Other times, it’s a spirit (or some people call them ghosts) that didn’t cross into the light when they died and they just need some help to find their true Home.

Spirits choose to stay on the earth plane because they have emotional attachments to a place or person, or they have unfinished business. Other times they try to get your attention on purpose because they know that you can perceive them.

Sometimes they are stubborn and don’t want to go. These spirits need a little more intervention before they cross. Other spirits are very grateful when they finally realize that there is abundant love waiting for them on the other side.

I don’t think of myself as a “Ghost Buster” or a “Ghost Hunter”. These spirits are people. At one time they were someone’s child, parent, or spouse that passed away and haven’t made their way Home.

House Clearings can be done in-person at your home or office, or at a distance. Please contact me for details about how this works and to schedule an appointment.

How much time a spiritual house clearing takes depends on the size of the house and the amount of spirit activity. Call me for a general idea of time based on what you have been experiencing.

Within Oakville or Distant Clearing
1 hour – $300
2 hours – $400
3 hours – $500

Within GTA
1 hour – $330
2 hours – $430
3 hours – $530

Like to get a 30 minute aura and chakra clearing for each person living in the house? You can add this on for $50 per person.