I understand that Selina Khan is not a medical doctor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or any other kind of medical or mental health practitioner. She does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat. Any information that arises during your reading is not advice.  It is up to you to follow up with your health care practitioner for diagnosis, prescription and treatment.

Selina Khan is not a financial or legal advisor. Any information of a financial and/or legal nature that arises is not advice.  It is up to you to follow up with your financial and/or legal advisor.

In the event you use any of Selina Khan’s services, you alone are responsible for your actions. Intuitive information does not constitute advice.

Intuitive readings are based on your current energy and mindset. It does not mean that the information given is determined. You have the free will to change your thoughts, actions and emotions. As your energy and thoughts change, the possibilities in your life also change.

All services are for entertainment purposes only.