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orb photo haunted cemeteries

Haunted Cemeteries Orb and Ectoplasm – Edwin Shaw – permission kindly given by photographer

One might assume that haunted cemeteries are pretty common. I’ve always told my students that once our loved ones cross, they don’t come back to visit their graves or hang around the cemetery they were buried in. But what about the haunted cemeteries that one of our readers captured on camera? [click to continue…]

what do different colored orbs mean

If you’ve been capturing different colored orbs in your photographs, you might wonder if it has any particular meaning. What do different colored orbs mean?

Many people believe that some of these orbs are not just specks of dust or fingerprints on camera lenses, but spirits that come to visit us. [click to continue…]

Want to share your photos with spirit orbs in our spirit orb gallery? Send them to me as a .jpg and I’ll include them here. Please note that you must have permission from all people featured in the photo to have that photo posted in this spirit orb gallery. Read my article about spirit orbs in photographs.

If you would like your photo interpreted, I now offer this service. More details are in the Mediumship section. [click to continue…]