trance mediumship

If you’ve seen Esther Hicks channel through the spirit who calls itself Abraham, then you’ve seen trance mediumship in action. Trance mediumship is a different way of working with the spirit world, and other types of consciousness, such as Spirit Guides.

Just as “Abraham Hicks” speaks through Esther, trance mediums allow spirit to come through them to share wisdom. Trance mediumship gives us an opportunity to have a deeper and more tangible connection to spirit. [click to continue…]

It was a success! Our first seance held at Historic Bovaird House in Brampton, Ontario drew a packed house. Even the ghosts of the house didn’t seem to mind the house full and noisy.

Most people don’t know what to expect from a real traditional seance. Unlike the psychics you see in Hollywood movies or on TV, our heads don’t spin, we don’t get possessed by evil spirits, and we don’t have sound effect and visual effect guys making up all the rappings and objects moving. [click to continue…]