will I ever find love

Birthday Love Birds by Marco Verch (Wuestenigel) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

She sat in front of me with fear in her eyes and asked me “Will I ever find love?” Many of my clients want to know about relationships. Whether it’s relationship after relationship that fails or being alone for a long time, we tend to lose hope and may wonder – Will I ever find love?

I’m going to give you some things to do that can change and strengthen the possibility of you finding a loving and healthy relationship. This is based on my beliefs and knowledge about energy and how the universe works. I’ve seen clients create amazing results when they understand that they can shift their energy and work with the universe for their highest good. [click to continue…]

How To Find Closure

Letting Go by gnuckx via Wikimedia Commons

I have many clients and people who comment on my blog that feel there is no way to get closure in a relationship because the other person won’t admit to a wrong doing or they won’t apologize. Others ask me how to find closure. Sometimes there is no closure because the relationship ends or the person leaves or dies and you are left hanging feeling like you have no answers to your questions. Closure doesn’t depend on two people. Closure only depends on you. [click to continue…]

Spiritual Detox: Relationships

By Vaibhav Sharan – Friends – courtesy Wikimedia Commons

In part 1 of our Spiritual Detox program, we talked about the relationship you have with your mind and thoughts and how that can shift your energy. In part 2 we’ll look at how the energy of the people around you can affect your aura and what you can do about it. We’ll talk about Soulmates, Soul groups, Catalysts, Karma and spiritual contracts. [click to continue…]

spiritual and mental detox, the mind

By HikingArtist (Own work) - A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words - courtesy Wikimedia Commons

A physical detox can do wonders for your body but have you ever thought of doing a spiritual and mental detox? Wouldn’t you love to feel lighter, be more positive and surround yourself with healthy and loving people? If this isn’t where you are right now, you might want to make some changes and detox your mind and spirit. This blog is about the first step in a spiritual/mental detox program. It all begins with you and your mind. Who’s in charge anyway? [click to continue…]

cutting cords to end a relationship

courtesty Wikimedia Commons

Recently I spoke to a woman who had asked me for some guidance around letting go of a relationship. Although she felt an incredible magnetic pull to this man, she knew that he was struggling with issues that prevented him from being fully present to build a meaningful future together.

They had already had some time apart, and both were in new relationships with other people. Despite this, there was something that was holding her back from fully letting go. This meant that her energy was not 100% present to invest in her new relationship. [click to continue…]