Qi Gong Master Zhou Ting Jue

Master Zhou Ting Jue

What does it take to believe that the impossible is possible? For me, it was meeting Master Zhou Ting Jue.

It was not seeing the feats of strength that defy logic, or watching has hands heat up to impossible temperatures on a thermal camera that did it for me. Instead, it was plain old water and a sheet of tinfoil.

I first heard of Master Zhou Ting Jue while in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s class in Sedona, Arizona. Drunvalo’s wife had gone to see one of Master Zhou’s demonstrations. He described how she saw him change his weight so that he was able to stand on a piece of paper without breaking through. [click to continue…]

In Memorium - Subash Chander

Subash Chander 1942-2013

I am honoured to remember a client who passed recently from his struggle with cancer. I started to work with Subash Chander about three years ago, channeling through Reiki energy and giving him an opportunity to see things in a different way. He was a man of strength of mind and integrity. Later I found out that he had rubbed shoulders with some famous people.

The experience was unique for me as I was able to support him with Reiki in person and then in his final days by sending Reiki long distance. Although I have worked with people with different ailments, Subash was the first client I worked with through to his passing. Before I tell you what I experienced, I would like to share with you some things that his family shared with me. [click to continue…]

being in the flow

Recently I posted on Facebook that I’m seeing sequences of numbers and that I take this as a sign of being in the flow. Several people commented that they are also seeing sequences of numbers.

This has really ramped up the last couple of weeks. Every time I look at the clock it’s 11:11, 1:11 11:22, 2:44 or the like. In fact, in the last two weeks this has been happening at least 5 to 10 times a day.

It gives me great comfort. I feel like when I see these signs, I know that I’m on track with what the universe has aligned for me.

Since all of the solar flare activity, the full moon, and the three planets that are now retrograde, people around me who are energetically sensitive have been [click to continue…]

Animal Spirit Guides - Do Pets Heal Us

Many people know that having a pet has tangible health benefits. Pets have not only given us meaningful companionship, but also have been proven to help lower blood pressure.

But is it possible that our dear animal companions have also been healing us in other ways? Could your cat, dog, gerbil or fish be an animal spirit guide or energy healer, or perhaps help you with your emotions directly? Here’s what I know from my experience. [click to continue…]

Developing Your Intuition Can Increase Your Reiki Power

Perhaps it is the sign of the times, or maybe I’m just attracting intuitive Reiki students these days.

I’m finding that every student has an untapped intuitive ability that could really enhance their client’s session if they know how to work with it.

Just as it is our birthright to claim our natural healing abilities, being intuitive is also a natural way of being. While Reiki does not require a practitioner to be intuitive, Reiki energy does tend to open up the intuitive channels, allowing us to receive information during a session. [click to continue…]