Reincarnation in Literature - Squaring the Circle book

Reincarnation, life after life, is believed by more than a quarter (27%) of the population in Canada, according to a February 2010 poll done by Carleton University Survey Centre and the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies. Recently, I had the fortune read a fictional work about reincarnation written by a medical journalist.

Dr. Lawrence Segel presents us with his first novel Squaring the Circle. This work brings together the past and the present through reincarnation. However, the approach blends together otherworldly elements, esoteric knowledge and modern life. [click to continue…]


Sometimes we have people in our lives who are just wonderful loving people. Then there are those people who drive us insane. Ever wonder why we have certain people in our lives? Is it karmic? Is it just bad luck? Or maybe there’s a spiritual lesson to be learned. [click to continue…]


Got You Daddy by Clarence Goss courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Nasa. Think rockets, space, and…reincarnation? Today I watched a you tube video clip of Scientist Thomas Campbell, consultant to Nasa, speaking to a crowd about reincarnation.

Interjected with examples that left brain people can relate to, he explained how he sees the process of dying and rebirth, and what the purpose of reincarnation is.

Ever wonder why we have to come back? Or maybe, why we choose to come back? Yes, according to Thomas Campbell, we actually want to come back to learn the lessons we didn’t quite get the 1st, 2nd, or umpteenth time round. Here’s his view on reincarnation in a nutshell. [click to continue…]

Karma and Edgar Cayce

Let’s talk karma. Today I did a reading over the phone for a woman in the UK who has a firm belief in karma as harm others and be punished. She spent her life raising her children, living with an abusive husband, and trying to do her “duty” to her family. Coming from an (east) Indian background, I wasn’t surprised to hear her say that she prays for bad karma accumulated from her last life to be lifted so she doesn’t have to suffer.

Are we punished in this life time for our previous bad actions in past life times? I wrote about my view of karma in another blog post Psychic Readings – Can I Change My Destiny? Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Prophet, had this refreshing view of karma. [click to continue…]

Fire Breathing

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

One of my students writes to me:

“You have many clients from different backgrounds and I thought you might be interested to know, from Russian, Ukrainian and people from some other countries, a lot of people believe in Dark and Light powers psychics use…

what is more interesting, many (I am not sure how much, but _a lot_) believe that dark side is more powerful and stronger, simply because lightworkers don’t curse and spell and also don’t remove curses.”

Is this really true? That the dark side is more powerful and stronger than the light? Funny how the answers come – sometimes even before the questions are asked! Take Yoda for instance. [click to continue…]