Karma and Edgar Cayce

Let’s talk karma. Today I did a reading over the phone for a woman in the UK who has a firm belief in karma as harm others and be punished. She spent her life raising her children, living with an abusive husband, and trying to do her “duty” to her family. Coming from an (east) Indian background, I wasn’t surprised to hear her say that she prays for bad karma accumulated from her last life to be lifted so she doesn’t have to suffer.

Are we punished in this life time for our previous bad actions in past life times? I wrote about my view of karma in another blog post Psychic Readings – Can I Change My Destiny? Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Prophet, had this refreshing view of karma. [click to continue…]

psychic scam money

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Not all psychics have your best interest at heart. Their interest lies in your wallet. Psychic scams have been around since psychics have existed. And while there are truly gifted ones out there, there are also a handful of bad eggs out there.

If you know what to look for, you’ll know how to avoid psychic scams. And you’ll know how to choose a good psychic. Once in a while I get a client who tells me how they were bilked money by the last psychic they saw. Here are a few examples: [click to continue…]

Ever go for a psychic reading and the person tells you something that you don’t like about your future? As a psychic, I tell people exactly what I get – not what they want to hear. So I often hear from clients, “can I change my destiny?”

Sometimes that means telling you things about your finances, career, investments, relationships, or health that you don’t want to happen.

But can you change your fate? The answer is yes! Here’s why and how. [click to continue…]