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Zeitgeist Movie Venus Project and Thrive Movement Movie

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The movie Thrive with Foster Gamble, and The Venus Project as outlined in the movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward directed by Peter Joseph, uncovers many problems with the way we are living in our current monetary and societal systems.

The underlying question in the movies Thrive, and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is how do we achieve unity and peace while respecting our environment? Is it possible? And what’s missing in the formula they propose?

Both movies uncover the deception, corruption, and intentional disinformation and manipulation of the human race. It highlights how, if you follow the money, you get to the real people in power. Their agenda is finally being uncovered for the rest of us to see.

In these two movies, there are high level credible people who are willing to take the risk and finally speak out. There are hard facts that cannot be disputed. And both movies have started us toward thinking about solutions.

I’m not writing this to persuade you of anything. You can watch both movies and decide for yourself what you think. I’m writing this because something is bugging me.

Yes, we can have a resource based economy that is monitored as Peter Joseph suggests. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Yes, we can have free energy and allow cures out there that already exist as Foster Gamble wants. It would solve many problems we face now. It would change the way we live – on the outside.

But how will that bring us unity in a true sense? How will it teach people to see each other with respect and recognize the intrinsic value of every conscious being?

To be fair, The Venus Project does touch on this briefly. It holds a high torch to our innate natures to want to excel and develop in all ways possible when we are given the choice. The movie Thrive seems to skirt around this issue although it is alluded to, and not directly addressed per se.

If we are truly all one, then it is impossible to degrade the value of any part of that whole without harming the whole and ourselves in the process. Can the true experience of oneness be taught? Is oneness our true homeostasis that we have been influenced to abandon by all that is discussed in the Thrive movie and Zeitgeist movie?

True fulfillment does not come at another’s expense – whether that be another person or any other type of sentient or consciously aware life form (think animals, plants, ocean and air dwellers, etc). Our ability to feel compassion is linked to our spiritual development and comes from the ability to love each other. The Dalai Lama says that through compassion we realize that we are all the same.

When we learn to become responsible for what we create as stewards of all life, we will be able to move into the type of utopia that is suggested in the movie Thrive and by The Venus Project. The science is there to support it. The infrastructure can be built. A willingness to realize it requires a new way of thinking and a new way of being.

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  • victor January 4, 2012, 10:06 am

    be careful because this thrive movie does not have anything to do with the real venus project made by jacque fresco. they even stole the page and put and the original and true is
    be very careful because there are people that takes good ideas like the ones from jacque and use then to make money soy inform very well. this is something that has to be investigated

  • jordan cameron January 10, 2012, 12:53 am

    I agree with By Victor. The Venus project is a great goal to strive for as a civilisation, please do not be misguided or cluttered by other information. A resource based economy as designed by jacque fresco or similar is the key. Please research and voice your opinions on the issue. It must be addressed.

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