Letting Go of Fear

letting go of fear

Fear is an illusion. Heard that one before? When you are in the midst of fear, it sure doesn’t feel like an illusion.

They say there are only two real emotions, love and fear. Let’s look at one powerful way of how you can let go of fear so you can start to embrace and create real love in your life.

Fear is a product of your mind. I am so grateful for my mind. It really cares about me. In fact, it cares about me so much that it likes to build up lots of reasons why I shouldn’t:

    – open my heart to people – I might be betrayed
    – take a chance at changing careers – I might fail
    – tell myself the truth about something – I might have to change, and that might be a painful process

So basically, my good friend my mind is trying to protect me by coming up with all the possible negative outcomes. What a good friend looking out for me!

Except that it leaves me feeling miserable and unfulfilled. The great thing about the mind is that it wants to help you so much that it is willing to be trained.

Here is the one thing you can start doing now to (re)train your mind so you can let go of fear.

Recognize the Impact of the Words you Use

The emotion behind your words or thoughts have specific energy vibrations. Positive thoughts and words create harmonious vibes. Negative ones create chaotic vibes.

While you can’t be responsible for how someone else reacts, you have the free will to choose how to react and think. This takes practice.

Yes, you need to practice positive reactions until it becomes more natural and your first choice without thinking.

I tried an experiment once that just made everything so clear to me. For an entire week, not one negative thing came out of my mouth. I only spoke when I had something positive to say.

Know what I noticed? Two things. First, I really didn’t have a lot to contribute as I noticed how much everyone else complains. That meant that I was relating to them mainly through complaining.

Second, I noticed how good I felt. And I didn’t really want to be in the negative energy of complaining. I wanted to be around other positive people because life just seemed to flow better. But it wasn’t them. It was me. I had changed.

After that week was up, I decided I would be that way from then on. Except that I forgot to practice and stay mindful and I slipped back. But that is the learning process, isn’t it?

If you are determined to change, you can. The power of the mind is enormous. And emotions are key too. When you raise your vibrations through choosing to be grateful and thing positively, you can more easily connect to higher vibrations in the universe – whether that be love, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, or Source. But then again, they are all the same thing – expressions of love.

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