7 Spiritual Awakening Signs

Top 7 Spiritual Awakening Signs

Iris – left eye of a girl by Laitr Keiows courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ever wonder if there are any spiritual awakening signs? How do you know if you are spiritually awakening? And what does being spiritually awake mean anyway? I used to think if someone had psychic abilities that they must be very wise as well.

As I met more people on the spiritual path, I realized being psychic could be a part of being spiritual, but wasn’t necessarily so.

I think we’ve all heard stories of people with psychic abilities who want to have power over others and manipulate them.

I’ve also met people, who use their psychic gifts as a path to explore their purpose and relationship with the Divine.

This is what I do. I’ve found for myself that a big part of my purpose is helping people by giving psychic readings, helping people to shift their energy through Reiki, and teaching people how to connect to their own psychic abilities so they can deepen their spirituality and awaken.

If you’ve been experiencing some odd things lately, it could be that you are starting to open up more to your spiritual potential. The energies of the earth are shifting and helping us to evolve to realize our multi-dimensional selves and the connection that we have to everything. This is part of the ascension process.

So here’s the list of spiritual awakening signs. I’m basing this on what I experienced along the way and what my students experience as they open up. There may be other things that are not on this list that you are noticing. In that case, please share those signs and experiences in the comment section below.

Note that in this list of spiritual awakening signs, I’m including psychic abilities as part of the signs. As you read, I’ll explain how this is related to the energy shifts of ascension which is about humanity’s spiritual evolution.

1. Tingling, Tightness or Warmth – 3rd eye or crown chakra

One of the most common signs is your 3rd eye starts to tingling, feel tight or warm. It tends to come and go. You may notice it more when you meditate or do psychic exercises that start to stretch those muscles.

Some people also feel this sensation in their crown chakra. I’ve experienced it in both chakras plus I’ve felt warmth in my heart and solar plexus chakra that is so warm it’s like a heating pad was on it. At this time, I was working on forgiveness and love, and self-confidence – exactly what those two chakras are associated with.

In my opinion, your psychic abilities are key to communicating with Higher Source, which I believe is a loving and intelligent force. I believe this is one of the spiritual awakening signs because it allows you to tune into information about your spiritual path that may not have been accessible to you without these abilities.

If your psychic abilities start to open, you can choose to connect with this source to continue your spiritual awakening, or not. It is a free-will universe.

2. Number Sequences

As a spiritual awakening sign, seeing number sequences is probably the one that most people wonder about the meaning.

When people start awakening, they tend to see particular numbers over and over again. One of the most common ones is 11:11, but it can be anything – 222, 44, 770 etc. Usually people see these numbers popping up several times a day as the time on a digital clock, a receipt amount, a license plate number, a building number, etc.

It’s thought that when you see these numbers that you are in the flow of energy. Another interpretation is that it is an activation (helping to raise your frequency) or a sign that you are being supported by the Universe, your Spirit Guides, or those on the Other Side.

Once you start to awaken, the number sequences don’t stop. You’ll find that some days are full of them and others are not.

3. Synchronicity

Some people say that there are no synchronicities. They are just random things happening and we give them meaning so it looks like they are connected. Synchronicity is a spiritual awakening sign, and here’s why.

I believe that there is nothing random in the universe and that once you start opening up spiritually, your vibration changes and you start to be more in sync with the natural flow of the universe.

When you are in the flow all sorts of interesting things happen – including synchronicities. Just think of all the things that must be in alignment for one event to happen. Can you imagine if it was a string of connected events all orchestrated to help you and those associated with those events?

The more awake you are, the more you are able to perceive and be in the flow of energy. You start seeing the synchronicities – all the signs that the Universe is putting right in front of you – to help you on your path.

4. Feeling at One

I remember being on the subway one day a few years ago. All of a sudden, my heart just opened up. I felt so connected to everyone. I noticed that everyone I looked at was just so beautiful to me, no matter what their physical attributes were.

Spirituality is loving energy. It has no room for judgement or resentment. The more awakened you are, the more love you will be able to hold in your heart. When you reach a particular openness, the barriers that give the illusion of separateness dissolve and you may feel that you are at one with everything.

It would take a very high level spiritual being to have a heart like this all the time. For the rest of us, we may have moments of experiencing this spiritual awakening sign until we are at a higher level of spiritual evolution.

5. Your Body Becomes More Sensitive

I used to really enjoy a glass of wine, or even a beer now and then. Now I can’t drink at all without feeling off – so I don’t. But it’s not only alcohol, it’s also food that isn’t made with wholesome, good ingredients.

Now you might be asking yourself, is this really a spiritual awakening sign? Isn’t this just a food allergy? Here’s a different take on it.

As your vibration changes to resonate more with ascension energy, your cells start to function at higher frequency as well. Your body may become more sensitive to the energy of certain substances you put in it that do not support your health and the state of your energetic frequency. These substances cause a disturbance in the energy field and may manifest in tangible symptoms.

If you are spiritually starting to open, you will find that you are more in tune with the energy of your own body. That means you will have to listen to it’s needs and meet them if you want to be at your best.

It’s not just substances but energy that is associated with food as well. There is one Indian restaurant I’ve tried eating at. The food is fine, but the owner is clearly unhappy. I feel it in the food and it reacts with my body and emotions. So now I avoid that particular place.

People who are experiencing this spiritual awakening sign tend to turn to natural energies to keep themselves balanced and recharged. Connecting with nature helps as does meditating.

Becoming more energetically sensitive to all sorts of things like food, substances, noise, and places where there are lots of people and hence lots of mixed energies may be a spiritual awakening sign.

6. You Feel Like You Have a Bigger Purpose

This is not your ego we are talking about here! This is the deep urge that comes from wanting to do something meaningful in the world. It’s not so much about leaving a legacy as immersing oneself in purposeful work that comes from the spirit.

One day you wake up and feel that there is more to life than meets the eye. The things that used to give you meaning no longer do. Or it’s not that there is anything wrong with your life, but something just doesn’t feel right.

I’m not talking about a mid-life crisis! That’s not a spiritual awakening sign but a phase that people may pass through and then settle down. This spiritual awakening sign is not a phase that you might go through for a few months and then forget about.

You know it deep in your core that you are more than what you’ve been told, that there is a whole Universe out there just waiting for you to open your eyes and wake up. This is part of your spiritual awakening.

7. Release, Dreams, Rest

Okay, so this isn’t just one spiritual awakening sign. I combined these three spiritual awakening signs together, but for a reason. These three spiritual awakening signs go hand in hand.

I find that my progression goes in waves. Emotions come up to the surface – old things I thought were done but obviously just buried, things that no longer serve me, anger and resentment, doubts and fears. So the first spiritual awakening sign here is releasing old emotions.

Often my dreams change during this time. Sometimes they are very vivid and have messages for me to ponder. As I keep opening up and adjusting to the ascension energies, I release through my dreams as well. Dreams are the second part of this spiritual awakening sign.

I also find I need more rest. It’s tough shifting and integrating all that energy without letting the physical and energetic bodies have time to adjust and align. Assuming there isn’t a medical reason why you are more tired, I would count this as the third part of this spiritual awakening sign.

As those of us who are opening up and spiritually awakening move into higher vibrations, all the elements of emotions that were associated with the lower vibrations will come up to the surface. We can choose to stuff those down which takes energy and causes stress, or we can work through it and let it go.

I know this is only a partial list of spiritual awakening signs and there are many spiritual awakening signs and experiences. These are the top seven spiritually awakening signs that come to mind when I think of my own path and what I see as being most common in my students and clients.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
About the Author: Selina Khan

I'm a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master serving Toronto, Oakville, and worldwide. I help spiritual seekers & open-minded people get clarity, find meaning, and develop their own intuitive abilities so they can live up to their true spiritual potential and life purpose.

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  • Dina Barzilai December 29, 2016, 7:31 pm

    I have a somewhat related question.
    At various times in my life, I’ve received dreams and/or specific visual and mental info that comes “true” afterward. But I never claimed to be “psychic” because I have other impressions or dreams that never materialize–so…who knows?
    However, for about 5 years I worked at a store in a specific location (meaning, I didn’t travel to other stores). While working there, my intuitive abilities and senses almost bombarded me as if someone had opened a dam of info and began pouring it into my brain. Myriad things proved to be correct–others there was no way to verify (like a certain impression of a 1-time customer whom I never saw again. Or once, I bought a pan second-hand, but when I went to wash it, I got such a revolting intuition about how it was used that I threw it away. But no way to verify that! ) I also “saw” a couple spirits in my mind’s eye, which I’ve never experienced before or since (I know they were correct b/c another person described what they were seeing and it was identical to my mental pics—but I’d never told anyone.)
    In addition, during this time I developed symptoms of a severe autoimmune disorder, that now, 8 years later, I’m beginning to heal from. (I don’t know if it’s related but I feel it could be connected somehow.)

    Once I moved and changed locations, the flood of info disappeared. I have distinct intuitive impressions at times, like always, but NOTHING like what I experienced there.

    So here is my question: can a particular location cause one’s intuition to be a million times more acute?

    I don’t particularly like being bombarded with info (I do not have a TV or radio for that reason), but I sure would like to have more clarity on some specific things in my life that I can only intuit info about in small bytes of info.
    So I guess my second question is, is there a way to access info at will? I’m guessing there is, or psychics couldn’t do readings, lol.

    I’m working with a very tight budget, so cannot pay for classes etc if such a thing exists. I’m just wondering if there are internal “exercises” to develop my senses, without ignorantly opening myself to negative energy because I don’t know what I’m doing.

    Thanks for this site. I liked the articles about animals, especially.
    Happy New Year
    Dina B

  • Selina Khan January 19, 2017, 5:27 pm

    Hi Dina,

    Thank you kindly for your new year wishes and for reading the blog! I’m thinking that there may have been a vortex of energy at the place you were living in which boosted up your abilities during the time you were there. Either that or the energies had already built up in the place and this assisted you in amplifying the way you were psychically perceiving.

    In the place where I do healings and read for others in my home office, and in other areas where I do my spiritual work for myself there is a build up of energy. The energy builds because of the type of work I do over and over in the same place. There are other reasons why the energy may be stronger in an area such as natural energy lines of the earth (ley lines), time/space portals, etc.

    If you can’t afford classes or a teacher that’s okay. There are exercises you can do on your own. Meditation really does help. So does starting to practice with your intuition. There are books that have psychic exercises to practice on your own. Try looking searching for psychic development books on amazon or another bookseller. Some of these may be available in your library.

    All the best,

  • Karin Istel March 23, 2017, 10:57 am

    Hi Selina,
    I just found your website and for the first time in a long time I feel a connection to someone who is writing about all these spiritual subjects. You are definitely correct when you say there are people who practice giving readings but are not spiritual. I have encountered quite a few. I am in a place in my life now where I feel I need some spiritual guidance as to how to heal myself so I can be more intuitive. I used to see angels, other people’s spirit guides and feel more connected in general. Now I don’t know what has happened but it seems to have disappeared and I don’t know why. I want to connect with someone who I feel is connected for divine purpose and get some answers. I “feel” you may have some answers for me. Please reply when you can.

  • Selina Khan March 23, 2017, 2:23 pm

    Hi Karin,

    Thank you for your kind words. There are many ways to heal yourself so that you can be more aligned to hearing your intuition. Sometimes it’s going back to basics and doing chakra clearings on ourselves and connecting with our higher self through meditation. Looking to see what is beneath the block and confronting the fear or belief may also help. One thing I’ve learned on my own journey is that we are more connected with our spiritual guidance if we open our hearts to ourselves.

    Scan your body and get in touch with where you feel the energy is stagnant. Then trust yourself to look and see what that’s about. You can use your mind to help or call on higher beings like angels, guides, and ascended masters as well as your higher self to help dissolve the block. It may also help to get some energy healing done on yourself as well.


  • Avra Poelmann August 16, 2017, 8:05 am

    Blessings and greetings to you. I would be most interested to know what the difference is between a medium and a clairvoyant. I am aware that one can be both. Are they both phycic? I am a little confused as to the characteristics of these terms. I am also interested to know if one can not see spirits as humans but has visions and sees angels and letters in the clouds and messages in the clouds. what that gift is. I also am able to work out the messages and signs around me. Sometimes I turn on my computer and the answer is in front of me. When I meditate and ask for answers I can affirmation. What would this gift be called. Intuitive understanding is my strongest gift. I wonder is this a spiritual enlightenment. This has been my path for a few years. It has become stronger and stronger. I am able to actually “see” pain in someones eyes. I can feel when a friend or someone I know has a good or bad incident. I am not totally a physical empath but certainly am on an emotional level. I have many “God incidents” When I read up and educate myself on the meaning of these spiritual gifts of visions and sightings I wonder what my talent is. I suppose we like to put a name to something. Thanks so much. Looking forward to your comments.

  • Selina Khan August 23, 2017, 4:18 pm

    Hi Avra,

    Clairvoyance is a term to describe a way of seeing that many would term psychic. Being clairvoyant is not the same as being a medium, although a medium may use clairvoyance to perceive spirit or other beings.

    One can “see” (have visions, see with the mind’s eye, see with the physical eyes) and get psychic information that way. One can “see” and get information about or from a spirit. That would be considered mediumship.

    Letters in clouds, answers from the computer, etc falls under a term called environmental messages. How you perceive these may be psychic or not. For example, the letters in the clouds would be the perceptive intuitive mind seeing. Overhearing a random conversation that gives you confirmation due to synchronicity does not require any perceptive intuition except to notice the synchronicity. I’m simplifying things a bit, but I think the main point should be clear.

    Most people receive intuitive information through many forms at the same time and we may attribute it to our strongest sense in the moment. I believe we are always receiving and it’s just a matter of learning to pay attention.

    Yes the categorization of these talents is for our mind and in my opinion, it’s really a blend of a spectrum of opening abilities that have always supported us in one way or the other.


  • Steve December 12, 2017, 4:53 pm

    Hey I have a question,I have been awakened as they say lately and have been recieving signals,lots of number sequences mostly off the,blue jays car also,finding dimes alll the time,yesterday I found a penny facing heads up,pennies hav3 been out of circulation for years now,the other night I awoke at 1:10 am in the morning and I thought another number sequence of 111 was coming up I watched the iPad for the digits to go from 110 to 111 it didn’t happen it went directly to 112 it kinda freaked me out,can anybody explain that to me,I have also been on sick leave from work waiting for spinal surgery it has been six months now,I haven’t ant income,just to give an idea of were I am right now,what do you think

  • Selina Khan January 19, 2018, 6:52 pm

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I would say that spirit is letting you know you are being supported by them by getting your attention at certain times to notice things like number sequences, dimes, pennies and the blue jays car. You are in the flow.


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