You Were Never Born

you were never born

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Often we hear that we never die and that’s true. We are immortal. We don’t really have a body. We are a soul that has a temporary body. But even knowing this, we still tend to fear that one day our death will come. This blog is about rethinking the way you see your immortality. It’s also about the concepts of time and space. Here are a couple of things that might just get you to stop and think.

We have no beginning and no ending. There is no time and time is an illusion. This is hard for the mind to comprehend. Because you have always been, it means that you were never born.

You were transferred into a wonderful organism that is a home for now. You can think of it as a temporary abode or a way to integrate your Self into matter so you can exist in this dimension of physicality. This organism is your body.

But where were you before your body? Well of course, you say, I was on the Other Side, or Heaven, or in the Light. I was with all of the people who passed before me, you say. And when I die, I’ll have to wait for those still alive to die so we can all be together on the Other Side although I can come and visit them whenever I want.

Well, yes…and no.

First let’s talk about time. I know a man who has literally slowed down time, twice. It wasn’t in his head. Other people saw it too. In one of these instances, he was playing a friendly game of football with his friends. He tackled a friend really hard and this person flew through the air. He screamed in his head “Nooo!” Although he doesn’t know how he did it, he felt his energy change.

Then the person he tackled somehow slowed down (no one else slowed down) and gently floated down to the earth just like a leaf and landed softly. Then time went back to normal pacing.


Albert Einstein believed that time is relative and not fixed. He is quoted – “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

If time is an illusion it means it just doesn’t exist except in our perception in order to have sequence and order to our experiences. It is malleable, is not constant and exists as a function of experiencing our existence from within a 3D reality.

I make no bones about it. I don’t have the depth of understanding of the scientists studying all these things. It boggles my mind to try to comprehend these concepts. But I read what conclusions they come to and the theories they put forth. No time. No space either. That’s another temporary illusion.

Which means that you are everywhere at all times. It means that everyone else is as well. Different aspects of our whole Self likely exist in different forms in all perceived times (and no time) and all perceived spaces (and no space).

So when you go to the other side, everyone you know including those still alive on earth will also be there. You really aren’t leaving anyone behind. And you didn’t really die, because you were never born. You just disengaged from the vehicle which is your body that allowed you to create a perception of time and space.

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