Will I Ever Find Love?

will I ever find love

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She sat in front of me with fear in her eyes and asked me “Will I ever find love?” Many of my clients want to know about relationships. Whether it’s relationship after relationship that fails or being alone for a long time, we tend to lose hope and may wonder – Will I ever find love?

I’m going to give you some things to do that can change and strengthen the possibility of you finding a loving and healthy relationship. This is based on my beliefs and knowledge about energy and how the universe works. I’ve seen clients create amazing results when they understand that they can shift their energy and work with the universe for their highest good.

First, stop asking yourself “will I ever find love?” Get your energy shifting into the positive flow of possibilities instead of the limiting associations that come with that question. Limiting associations that your energy may be broadcasting out to the world could be:

– A fear of being alone
– Feeling that no one wants you because you are not desirable enough, smart enough, young enough, interesting enough, etc.
Relationships in need of healing

There are other reasons why you may say you want to find love but your energy is saying you don’t really want to be in relationship. I call my clients on this sometimes. I’ll tell them, I hear you asking me “will I ever find love” but your energy is saying something else.

Can you imagine how confusing it must be for the Universe to understand what you really want? You are shouting up to the universe “Will I ever find love? Because I really do want to find love so could you find someone for me?” while your energy is really saying “I’m not ready for love! I don’t believe I deserve it! I’m too scared! I don’t want to be in relationship so make sure it doesn’t work or don’t bring me anyone, okay?“

Sometimes we block the possibilities of relationship from manifesting on our path. Other times, we are given the opportunity to be in relationship but then we sabotage it and use what happens to justify the same beliefs that caused difficulties in the first place.

Here are some of the blocks that people have in finding and receiving love:

– Being emotionally and energetically closed so they don’t get hurt
– Believing that letting someone into their lives means they will lose a part of themselves
– Being too critical or having unrealistic expectations of the other person

Can you and will you ever find love? Yes, I do believe it’s possible! Let’s get you started on creating this for yourself.

Step One: Understand that the Universe Loves You and Wants You to Be in a Loving Relationship…with Yourself

If you feel you need to be in relationship to feel complete, secure, and happy then you are still in a state of need and lack. I’m not talking about when you feel lonely. Feeling lonely happens at times. But feeling that you can’t be complete unless you are in relationship can blind you to seeing other people for who they are because you are motivated from a place of insecurity.

Learn to be okay with yourself. There is a difference between wanting to be in relationship because you want to join with someone to share everything about you and needing to be in relationship because you don’t feel whole and you are looking for someone to validate you.

On an energetic level, your frequency attracts exactly what matches it. Once you are able to accept and love you, you won’t want a lower frequency partner. You’ll look for someone who will match your own understanding of valuing the self so that each of you already knows how to value the other. Keep an eye out for your soul mate.

Step Two: Let Go of Old Energy

Sometimes we get stuck because we hang onto old relationship energy. It’s amazing how relationships of the past can shape what we believe we will get in the future. Letting go of old energy can help raise our vibration and this opens up possibilities ahead of us that would not have been in our reach otherwise.

Cutting etheric cords can help you to disengage from energetic attachment to people. It doesn’t matter if they are no longer in your life. They may be energetically attached to you; you may be attached to them; or both.

Sometimes people have trouble cutting cords because they feel they are hurting the other person. Here’s what I told one client and it made all the difference in helping her to let go.

For how to actually do your own process of cutting cords, you’ll want to read my blog on relationship help. If you need help doing this and you are in the Oakville or Toronto area, you can book an energy healing session with me and I’ll work with you to do this.

Clearing your chakras and your aura can also help because it helps your energy to vibrate at a higher level. It’s easier to be positive and open to receive when you are in a state of flow.

Step Three: Intention and Action

Okay, that’s really two steps. I’m putting them together because sometimes we put our intentions out to the universe, but then we don’t do anything to act on them.
When you co-create with the universe to manifest a new possibility of a loving relationship, the universe will help by aligning things and creating situations to help you let go and release what doesn’t serve you anymore.

That’s the universe’s job. Your job is to take action to create circumstances where the universe can work for you. In other words, if you are sitting on your couch asking “will I even find love?” there isn’t likely to be a knock on the door.

Start the energy moving. Get out there and choose to follow the energy of joy and what you know is healthy for you. What makes you feel good? What people lift you up? Keep yourself in positive vibration.

It doesn’t have to be the exact thing that leads to you meeting the one you’ll be with. That’s not what you need to know right now. But it does get you unstuck and shows the universe you are doing your part.

Here’s how you do the intention part. Gather up all the energy you can from the cosmos and yourself. Pull it right into you and put it into your heart. Go deep into your soul where you know underneath all that human conditioning and fear is what you really and truly want – to be in a loving relationship that makes you happy. Then send it out with as much strength as you can right from your heart out and up to God or the Universe.

Now let go of it. That’s it. Don’t keep thinking about it. Believe that it will be done and it is already being aligned.

Step Four: Be Patient

It is worth waiting for the right person. Remember the question that started this all? Will I ever find love? If you knew the right person for you was up ahead say, two months from now or two years from now, would you say – “Oh that’s too far away! Forget it! I’ll just stay stuck instead.”

No! Knowing that the universe always supports you, loves you and has your best interest at heart, you would choose to enjoy where you are until the time when you meet. The belief that it will happen is part of the process. It keeps you open to receiving and out of a state of need. It also allows you to focus on being in the present moment where your power is.

Once you’ve experienced how you can manifest relationship on your path, the next time you hear someone ask, “Will I ever find love?” you can tell them from your heart that it really is possible.

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  • Janet October 19, 2016, 6:35 am

    Hi Selina…you come to me as referral from a friend. I’m interested in your workshops Intuitive Development. Do you know when your next session will start.missed out on Sept. Start unfortunately. Thank you. Namaste.

  • Selina Khan October 28, 2016, 9:41 am

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for your question! The next round of classes starts end of February. I’ll be posting dates on my website in a couple of weeks. In-person classes are held in Toronto. I also offer one-on-one mentorship which can be in-person or by phone or skype and next year Spring I’m planning to offer on-line classes.

    Take care,

  • qwerty December 27, 2016, 1:15 am

    I think it’s important that some people do realise that they are meant to be alone in this lifetime. After preparing myself and being ready for love, my soulmate finally came along but was married. Life was showing me here he is, but you can’t have him as you are meant to be single. At 40 and never having a romantic relationship, I’ve leaned that I’m supposed to be single in this lifetime. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I just have a high calling in life and romantic love isn’t the be all and end all in life.

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