Spiritual Detox Part 2: Relationships

Spiritual Detox: Relationships

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In part 1 of our Spiritual Detox program, we talked about the relationship you have with your mind and thoughts and how that can shift your energy. In part 2 we’ll look at how the energy of the people around you can affect your aura and what you can do about it. We’ll talk about Soulmates, Soul groups, Catalysts, Karma and spiritual contracts.

People come into your life for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s because you really just love the other person and you wanted to have them in this lifetime with you. Other times it’s because one of you or both of you need to change. Sometimes it’s a soul relationship from another lifetime. And then every once in a while you meet someone who is a mirror and you learn because they show you who you really are.


Everybody wants to meet their perfect match. Soulmates are two people who resonate so closely together that when they are away from each other it feels like there is a piece missing. Often time we think of soulmates as a romantic partner but a soulmate can also be platonic like a friend or family member.

Unfortunately, we don’t all get to meet our soulmates in every lifetime. Some of you will find them. Other times you have to wait lifetimes until you are together again. This is because although you have such a strong bond energetically, each of you has your own path to walk. In order to facilitate spiritual growth, it may be better for you not to always cross life paths.

The hardest thing is when you meet your soulmate but for various reasons cannot be together. Sometimes your soulmate is already in a relationship or has a family. Sometimes geography poses a problem.

You can see from the comments on my blog about meeting your soulmate when they are not available that it can cause lots of emotional distress and lead to difficult choices.

Rather than not being present in the their current relationship and cherishing the person whom they are with, some people hang onto the idea that there is a soulmate out there that is just waiting for them to find them. It’s not about settling. Settling implies you lower your standards. It’s about accepting the person who is sharing your life so you can build together – whether they happen to be a soulmate or not.

Because there is such a strong resonance between soulmates, we can more easily help each other to shift. There is a special energetic connection. When you have two energy fields that are similar and then one changes, the other one will change with less effort because there is such a small difference between them to begin with.

Other people who are together who are not soulmates may be compatible and have deep love for each other, but their resonances although harmonic, may be less similar. When one person shifts it may not have the same force on the other because there is a greater distance between their frequencies. But how do you know if someone is your soulmate?

If one soulmate is going through a positive change then it can affect the whole positively. If one soulmate is going through something more negative, the other soulmate may want to “hold space” for the other or be more aware of their own energetic boundaries.

Holding space means that you intentionally support the person with your energy field (you remain loving and neutral) so the person feels energetically safe enough to process what they are going through and hopefully shift.

    Soul Groups, Catalysts, and Karma

You tend to incarnate with the same group of people or part of a group of people over and over again. This group is your soul group. You all know each other very well on a soul level.

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and you’ll feel a strange pull to them. It’s not the same as a soulmate. This pull could feel like meeting an old friend, but sometimes it comes with anxiety or anger. This is because certain people can trigger unconscious past life cellular memories and responses, or they may be a catalyst for change.

Some people are only in your life to give you an opportunity to shift. They may be playing a role for you on a spiritual level. Often times we only shift when we are uncomfortable. You may be a catalyst for them to shift as well. Of course, it’s always in our free will whether we decide to learn from situations and change or not.

Let’s look at karma and past lives. Some people in your lifetime will be there because there is something that was not finished or there was no closure reached in a past life. Many people mistake karma as reward and punishment. They think that things happen in this lifetime as a direct result of good or bad deeds they did in a past life.

Karma is just cause and effect. That’s it. You do something and it causes something to happen. Sometimes there is something that happens in a past life and that person reincarnates with you in a different or similar role so you both have a chance to resolve it.

Resolution may mean forgiveness, sending love, putting up boundaries, letting go of guilt or grief or ending a relationship. It may mean not choosing the relationship when the opportunity arises.

For example, my one client is currently getting divorced. Spirit came through and strongly suggested that she keep her money separate from her next future partner. When I asked why this was such a strong message, I could see that in a past life she had given her money to her spouse who just wasted it. The pattern was repeating itself in this lifetime and her next relationship would be another chance to change her karmic path. Sometimes when there is karmic closure, the relationship may fade away or end, but not always. This depends on spiritual contracts.


There is a theory that goes like this. Before you incarnate with all of the people in your life, you have a big meeting. With guidance from beings like your Spirit Guides, Angels and the Divine Higher Intelligence you decide what it is you want to work on and experience in the lifetime ahead of you.

You call together your soul group.

“Hey!” you say to one spirit in your soul group. “I really want to learn how not put my own needs behind others. Can you help me with that?”

The other spirit replies, “Sure! I’ll be your alcoholic husband. That should do it for you. Oh, and there are two souls who need to be reincarnated so why don’t we bring them through as our kids. They have a list of things they want to experience. But I want to learn more about self love. Think you could be a little critical with me at times so I can get to the point where I just want to love myself?”

And you reply, “I’ll do my best!”

Then you all reincarnate and once you are in human form in this dense 3d world you can’t consciously remember your contracts or what happened before you were born. But all the relationships you said you would have will show up in your life. How you choose to handle them is up to you. There is free will in this after all. But some of these things have been predetermined, by you.

We started out with the intention of learning how different relationships can affect your energy. You can white light yourself with a big bubble of energy to keep your aura clear from outside influences. You can send love to those who are negative toward you so they can heal the source of their negativity which is likely a fear or pain within them. You may choose to keep them in your life or not.

By learning about the possible reasons of why people come into your life, it may give you a different perspective so that you can learn to let go of resentment, guilt and negativity. This will help to shift your vibration. There will be more energy and room for you then to focus on love for yourself and the people whom you choose to open your heart to.

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