Spiritual and Mental Detox Part 1: Is Your Mind In Charge of You?

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A physical detox can do wonders for your body but have you ever thought of doing a spiritual and mental detox? Wouldn’t you love to feel lighter, be more positive and surround yourself with healthy and loving people? If this isn’t where you are right now, you might want to make some changes and detox your mind and spirit. This blog is about the first step in a spiritual/mental detox program. It all begins with you and your mind. Who’s in charge anyway?

What is the mind? Most people have a love hate relationship with their minds. They love it when their minds solve problems and come up with great ideas. They hate their minds when all sorts of negative thoughts arise.

Actually that’s not true. Most people love themselves when their minds solve problems and come up with great ideas and they hate themselves when all sorts of negative thoughts arise. They get so wrapped in their thoughts they forget that their thoughts are not who they are.

Guess what? You are not your mind! Your mind is a tool. It is a vehicle for information processing and it’s a pretty good receptor. Consider this. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Thoughts are energy. When someone has a thought it is broadcast out into the area around them.

7 billion people thinking all sorts of thoughts means that there is one huge cloud of thought form energy all around us. It’s like going to a huge garage sale and being given stuff for free.

But do you really want all that stuff? Some of it is going to be junk. Some of it will be worn or broken. Other stuff might be useful. You wouldn’t just cram all that stuff indiscriminately into your trunk and drive away. You want to be selective. Choose what is useful to you. Same thing with your mind.

In fact, sticking with the garage sale analogy, the more you focus on the nice useful stuff, the less room in your trunk for all the garbage. The more you focus on the thoughts that have value to you and lift you up, the more you will be akin to doing this more often. The other thoughts that come through your mind – whether they originate from you or you pick up on other vibrations out there – aren’t worth paying attention to.

That means that you can stop hating your mind and thoughts and start loving the fact that your mind is such a useful tool, doing exactly what it was designed to do. If your mind isn’t you, then who is? Who is the one who is choosing what thoughts to deem useful and truthful?

That would be You, or Self….or Your Spirit or Soul or whatever term you use that makes sense to you. Now that you can see you are not your thoughts, you can choose to focus on thoughts that are positive and life and love affirming. This will help to change your entire frequency. It changes your aura vibration.

When this happens, your energy interacts differently with the universe. Your new positive vibrations from the thoughts you choose to accept and focus on and the new found love you have for your mind just screams out how much you deserve to have more of the same. The universe is always listening.

Your relationship with your Self is always the most important one. When you do a mental detox or spiritual detox, the first thing to start with is you. It’s where you have the most impact and control. Next up – part two of our mental detox program. Time to look at relationships outside of you.

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