Reincarnation in Literature: Squaring the Circle

Reincarnation in Literature - Squaring the Circle book

Reincarnation, life after life, is believed by more than a quarter (27%) of the population in Canada, according to a February 2010 poll done by Carleton University Survey Centre and the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies. Recently, I had the fortune read a fictional work about reincarnation written by a medical journalist.

Dr. Lawrence Segel presents us with his first novel Squaring the Circle. This work brings together the past and the present through reincarnation. However, the approach blends together otherworldly elements, esoteric knowledge and modern life.

It also asks questions and proposes answers about reincarnation – why we reincarnate into hard circumstances and why we are sometimes drawn so strongly to people we meet. The story weaves together the lives of people touched by the horrors of past war with the courage of love in order to heal.

So I have to admit that I love paranormal fiction and that this book has lots of it. It’s described as an atypical ghost story on the back cover. That it is – plus it’s a primer in reincarnation in literature.

The story threads together the characters’ lives and looks at the relationships of those that they loved, feared or hated and how it plays out in their current life. It shows how sometimes when things are not finished in one lifetime, we choose to have another opportunity in another lifetime.

What I found most interesting was that some of the characters had choices to make while consciously being aware of past life influences and circumstances. They are the believers of reincarnation. There are also characters that do not believe in reincarnation and yet, their choices and the impact of them are not diminished by this.

Dr. Segel lets us into the thought processes and emotions of the characters so we may understand their transformation.

In this novel, new age concepts are woven into the story line. With its unexpected connections and plot twists, it was an interesting book to read.

Some people may think that the concepts in this book are of the imagination – spirits, energy, prophecy and knowing. While it is a book of fiction, there is plenty of food for thought. The possibility of the truth behind the story is sound. It may get you thinking about your own life and your past life connections to the people who are currently in it.

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