Past Lives and Reincarnation – Can You Change the Past?

past life and reincarnation

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I recently was asked by a client whether she should get past life regression done. For those of you who believe in past lives and reincarnation, you may also believe that your karma or past life actions have influence on what’s happening to you in your current life. You can read more about karma in “Why Are You In My Life?

Is it really useful to know your past lives? Or is it just more baggage that may weigh you down and colour your view of things?

First off, let me say that I don’t think it’s very useful for someone else to tell you what you were in a past life. I sometimes get asked this question, and yes, I can see who you were and what your life circumstances were. But I don’t like to tell you.

I would much rather that you experience it for yourself. I feel that it doesn’t really have the same impact or possibilities for you to gain understanding about a current situation unless you have a direct experience.

You can do it through hypnosis if you like, but I was trained in a different way. When I feel it will help someone to re-experience their past life, I hold the space for them energetically and guide them back into a lifetime. It’s just like having a conversation and the images flow easily for about 90% of my clients.

I’ve done several past life journeys for myself – both with others guiding me and also with myself as the guide. There are so many shifts that have happened for me from understanding and changing the past.

For myself, I’ve been able to help to clear up minor health issues and gain a different perspective on relationships. I’ve also understood why I am here and what my possibilities are for the future. Yes, you can travel to potential future realities as well as the past.

My husband in this life was my wife and my child in other past lives. We have been together many times before.

Some of you may be surprised to hear that you may not have always had human lives. Most people agree that there are other intelligent life forms out there. They have difficulty believing that they might have been one of them once. Yet they have no trouble believing they reincarnated in a human body before.

For those who feel they have never really felt they fit in on earth or that they don’t really belong here, this experience can bring an understanding of why.

However, as most people don’t connect to this idea of reincarnating as a different species, your mind and your guides will likely keep your past life regression experiences to human existence.

When you change the energy of the past, you change your present moment, and this changes your future. Past life regression is a tool that can help you to heal and change.

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  • J February 6, 2013, 8:39 am

    If I may… I have had a past life regression session with Selina and all I can say is that it did turn my life around for the best. You can resolve some issues that you might have right then and there.
    I must also mention that I did hypnosis, however it took me 7 sessions before I was able to make a small shift.

    Selina is fantastic and gifted.

  • Luke June 13, 2013, 3:56 am

    Science says that Reincarnation Is true But It Influences your Health The way You Act with your Traits Is what you will be Like on your Next Life But each Life you go through you can Change your Behaviour Throughout Lifetimes For an Example if you act bad on this Life on your next Life you may have Stressful Bad traits But there is a change to change your traits on that life is with your behaviour. So Its Like a Game through each life we go through the game is our Health and Behaviour the way we live our life.
    Science says Reincarnation Is Part of Evolution also Nature also Universal Science says Reincarnation is true But Health and Behaviour wise From Luke Clark Born 22nd of June 1995.

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