In Memorium: Subash Chander, Man of Integrity

In Memorium - Subash Chander

Subash Chander 1942-2013

I am honoured to remember a client who passed recently from his struggle with cancer. I started to work with Subash Chander about three years ago, channeling through Reiki energy and giving him an opportunity to see things in a different way. He was a man of strength of mind and integrity. Later I found out that he had rubbed shoulders with some famous people.

The experience was unique for me as I was able to support him with Reiki in person and then in his final days by sending Reiki long distance. Although I have worked with people with different ailments, Subash was the first client I worked with through to his passing. Before I tell you what I experienced, I would like to share with you some things that his family shared with me.

Subash was the eldest son in his family. He was deeply dedicated to his parents and early on took the responsibility in helping to raise his five siblings. His sense of responsibility served him well when he chose to join the diplomatic service at a young age.

He excelled at his work. Subash’s life was enriched with many different experiences such as summers he spent on stud farms – grooming and riding Thoroughbreds; the weeks he spent with Prince Charles and being invited to the Royal Wedding; his house arrest in Karachi during the 1971 Indo-Pak war; being served “hamburgers” aboard Air Force One with the Clintons; and meeting the Shah of Iran, Mother Theresa and numerous other Heads of State.

It was clear that his strength of character not only came through in his work, but also in the role he played as husband and father in his own family. He exemplified self-reliance, compassion, strong morals, the importance of education, and achievement.

What struck me about Subash was his genuineness in the way he treated people. It did not matter to him that we were not of high status in society. He listened to our suggestions, taking them to heart. He opened his home to us and treated us with respect. Indeed, despite all of his numerous accomplishments, he remained modest.

As the months went by, I saw Subash Chander at his strongest and close to his weakest in his battle with cancer. He was able to make many transformations before his time on earth was complete.

There came a point about a week before his passing that I was not allowed to directly affect the energy of his body. I was sending Reiki and I saw a large bubble around him. I knew that what needed to happen was of divine will and also in agreement with his spirit.

I also saw a separation in his energy. Some was moving down to his feet and pouring into the ground. The rest was moving up toward his head. They say that the person’s energy leaves the body from the crown of the head upon the body expiring.

Although I knew his body was completing its purpose, I had a very strong message that his spirit was at peace and all was going accordingly. There was nothing left to do but pray for peace for his family.

I am privileged to have known Subash Chander as he was on earth. I will always remember him kindly.

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