Master Zhou Ting Jue – Master of Qi, Heart of Light

Qi Gong Master Zhou Ting Jue

Master Zhou Ting Jue

What does it take to believe that the impossible is possible? For me, it was meeting Master Zhou Ting Jue.

It was not seeing the feats of strength that defy logic, or watching has hands heat up to impossible temperatures on a thermal camera that did it for me. Instead, it was plain old water and a sheet of tinfoil.

I first heard of Master Zhou Ting Jue while in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s class in Sedona, Arizona. Drunvalo’s wife had gone to see one of Master Zhou’s demonstrations. He described how she saw him change his weight so that he was able to stand on a piece of paper without breaking through.

I had read about these amazing feats that Tibetan Monks and Qi Gong Masters could do. I had never witnessed it first hand. Learning to control one’s energy to that extent took years of mastery and training. There are many you tube videos of Master Zhou showing these feats.

When I finally met Master Zhou Ting Jue, what struck me about him was not a powerful aura – he is a humble man. It’s not his youthfulness – the qi keeps him young at his age of 80. What really impressed me upon first meeting him was the light and kindness that I saw in his eyes. It was there with a depth that shone from his soul.

While I was staying at Master Zhou’s school in California, I witnessed three “miracles”. The first was with a street dog that had adopted the family. Her name is Jolly.

Jolly the Dog

Jolly the Dog

One day, they found her lying in the street against a curb. She had been hit by a truck.

Every time Master Zhou Ting Jue would sit her up, she would fall over. When I saw Jolly, she had already received two Qi Gong treatments from Master Zhou. She definitely was in discomfort and didn’t want to raise her tail but could walk. That’s when Master Zhou gave Jolly her third treatment.

After 10 minutes, he put her down on the ground and she trotted off with her tail high in the air! But the biggest surprise came a week later when she gave birth to two healthy puppies in the middle of our Qi Gong class.

The second “miracle” was with a couple who arrived from Illinois. The wife was bubbly and chatty, full of energy. She told me how her husband was a seventh degree Tae Kwando master. He now was a quadriplegic in an electric wheelchair because of ALS. It was difficult to imagine this man who could hardly speak, let alone move, once mastered this martial art.

I was waiting outside of the treatment room when suddenly this man came out and started to race around the room in his wheelchair. He was clearly excited! After four treatments with Master Zhou, he had lifted his arm and touched his head.

The third “miracle” I experienced directly. I had a qi gong treatment from Master Zhou Ting Jue. I was lying on the table and I heard him open a foil package and put water on it. He then put it on my body and it started to warm up until it was so hot Master Zhou had to move it every few seconds. I figured he was using this mustard type pack to soak up some of the stagnant qi.

This was all fine and good until I mentioned it to another student. “What are you talking about? There is no hot pack – it’s water and tin foil. He uses his energy to heat it up.” Now this I had to see. So I poked my head into the treatment room where another student was lying on the table.

Sure enough, Master Zhou took regular aluminum foil, dipped it in water, wrapped it in a normal paper towel, and put it on the body. He started to shake his hand above it and you could hear the foil start to crackle with the heat. On the you tube videos, you can see steam rising from it.

Apparently, people have brought their own water and tin foil just to make sure there isn’t a trick involved. And there isn’t. It truly is healing energy.

What used to be beyond our imagination is now proving to be real. Master Zhou is one example of how we can harness our inner energy to help heal and give people hope.

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