Tarot vs. Oracle Cards

tarot vs oracle cards

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Most of us are familiar with the Tarot deck. Pictures of the Hanged Man, The Tower, or Death card have been used as an ominous warning in Hollywood movies. But the Tarot is actually a tool for guidance and transformation.

The major arcana are all the “face” cards in the Tarot deck. That means all the cards that are not wands, cups, swords, or coins (disks). There are 78 Tarot cards in a deck. Major arcana cards are numbered and start at 0 with the Fool card and end at 21 with The World card. Did you know that there is a story of transformation in these cards?

We start out with the Fool representing someone who is naive and unhindered by responsibility or self-judgement. This is the beginning of the spiritual journey.

Moving through the other Tarot cards, we see how each one represents a particular phase, challenge, or realization that eventually leads to the last card, the World card.

The World card represents all that is – an acceptance of being One and a realization of embodiment in that oneness with all things. Here we have the completion of the spiritual journey.

All Tarot decks offer a book of interpretation. While there may be some information that is worthwhile to ponder from these standard interpretations, it is also worth learning to read your Tarot cards intuitively.

This brings us to Oracle cards, a form of divination cards like the Tarot. While it is very possible to read Tarot cards intuitively, many people find the varied imagery of Oracle cards easier to read intuitively.

Oracle cards have no standard format although some of them do borrow some themes from the Tarot. Styles of Oracle cards are as varied as there are decks. They also can have any number of cards and are not set to the traditional 78 cards. Oracle cards come with a book of interpretations, or have the interpretations on the cards themselves.

Whether you choose to work with Tarot or Oracle cards is up to you. They both work equally well. What matters is whether or not you resonate with the deck. Here is how to choose a deck that is right for you.

First, you may have heard that a Tarot deck must be given to you. Where this myth came from I have no idea, but if you wait for this to happen you may be waiting a long time and receive one that you don’t really like!

It’s best to go online or, if you are lucky enough to have a new age store close by, to see if they have sample sets that you can look at.

Look through as many images and decks as you can. You may see one that has beautiful artwork, or one that just jumps out at you. If you are trying to choose between two Tarot decks, you can hold each one and see if you get a “pull” or “sensation” from one energetically.

Some decks offer a separate more in depth book that you can purchase. Start with some of the standard Tarot card spreads, or just choose one to three cards after asking a question.

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