Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing

A pendulum is a weight on the end of a length of string or chain and is used to answer yes/no questions. Pendulums mainly have been used for energy healing, answering questions, and dowsing (for example for oil or water wells), although there are numerous other uses. Let’s talk about how pendulum dowsing can help you.

Using a pendulum for dowsing or divination is something that anyone can learn. One of my clients recently emailed me a question about pendulums. Here is her pendulum dowsing question:

“I just came home from a conference … One of the speakers talked about the law of attraction and then to demonstrate that we all give off vibrations, we did an exercise using a metal paperclip tied to the end of piece of string.

We held the string with the paperclip above our palms and asked a question that we knew had a positive answer. The paperclip started swinging right. Then we asked a question with a negative answer and the paperclip started swinging in the opposite direction.

Is this really a way to measure one’s vibrations? I couldn’t find anything online and thought that you would know.”

As with any paranormal phenomenon, there are skeptics and there are believers. Pendulum skeptics say that it moves because of slight movements of the hand which is caused by the subconscious mind influencing the body. Therefore it is not divine knowledge or truth coming through, but our beliefs or knowledge that we are not consciously aware of.

It is true that your mind can influence anything. However, I have seen the pendulum work in finding lost items where the person using the pendulum had no idea where the item was. Perhaps when the mind is not in the way, the pendulum may in fact connect to a “higher” wisdom.

Many scientific studies have been conducted over the last few decades and they have generally concluded that the dowsers were no better than chance. However, some studies noted a small number of people within the subject group who were significantly above chance.

This raises some interesting questions. Does that mean that there is something “special” about this small handful of people who were tested? Or was there a problem with the test itself? Wikipedia describes some of these studies.

Harvalik, a scientist, looked at geophysical explanations for dowsing abilities. He found that dowsers “respond” to a 60 Hz electromagnetic field. What was interesting was that when the head or kidney area was shielded there was no dowsing response.

This suggests that some people may naturally resonate or be in sync with the earth’s electromagnetic field at around 60 Hz. It seems that the brain and the kidneys are involved somehow.

If we look at the energy centers of these areas, we have the crown chakra at the top of the head, the third eye, and the solar plexus/sacral chakras. It would be interesting to do this same experiment using a Kirlian camera that measures energy and the aura.

Despite pendulum dowsing skeptics, dowsing is alive and well today. There are dowsing societies and associations, and many books and websites that describe how to dowse. Pendulums can be made from crystal, metal or wood. Or as my client did, with a weight on the end of a string!

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