How to do a Tarot Card Reading for the Year

year tarot card spread

Happy New Year! Are you wondering what’s coming up for the year? Want to do a tarot card reading for the year ahead? Here is an easy 12-month tarot spread for those of you who read tarot cards. You can use any deck for this. It’s a quick and easy 12 month tarot card spread.

Start off by shuffling the cards. As you do this, hold in your mind that you want to see what’s most likely to come up for you in the upcoming year.

Some people do not like other people touching their tarot cards. They only like their energy on their cards. If they are reading for other people, they shuffle the cards and lay them out.

Other people believe that by having the person you are reading for shuffling the cards infuses the deck with their energy. Their energy determines what order the cards are pulled.

Any method works. I’ve done readings for people where I shuffled the deck and pulled the cards for them, where they have shuffled and I’ve pulled the cards, and where they have shuffled and pulled the cards. It doesn’t really make much of a difference. It’s the intention that counts.

Now we are going to lay out the tarot cards. You can use the cards as they are in order from the top of the tarot deck or you can pull from anywhere in the deck.

Sometimes one or more cards fall out as you shuffle. Some people will count that as meaning those cards should be read. I usually just stick them back in and keep shuffling. Then I choose from anywhere in the deck.

Choose one card. This is the card that will go in the middle of the spread. It represents what you need to keep in mind for the next 12 months.

Next, starting at the left side of the card in the middle, pull out 12 cards and put them face down in a circle around the middle card. Each card represents a month.

I lay the tarot cards down in a counter-clockwise direction. You can go clockwise as well – just remember to read them in the order that you pulled them.

The first card in the circle that you chose is January. The next card is February and so on. This way you have a glimpse of each month in the year.

If you need more clarity about a particular month, you can ask a question and then pull another card, laying it above the month card you are reading.

Here’s what the spread looks like:

tarot spread

My husband and I have a tradition where we give each other 12 month tarot readings on New Year’s Eve. It helps to set the tone of the year as we see what possibilities are in front of us so we can shift our energy accordingly. It’s a nice way to bring in the New Year!

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