The Energy of Cities. Is Where You Live The Best For You?

energy of cities

Wolverhampton City Centre at Night, photo by West Midlands Police, UK; courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’m in Oakville now, but after having lived in Toronto for over 20 years, I have to say I really noticed a difference in the energy of cities when I traveled to other cities and countries. It isn’t always about the number of people living in the area, but the kind of energy the land holds as well.

Sometimes one place may feel better than another. Familiar doesn’t mean good, and more energy doesn’t mean better. Since I’ve moved to Oakville and am now going to Toronto once a week to see clients, I sure notice how the energy of the two cities affects me.

I remember one of my teachers telling me that she wanted to move out of Toronto. She said that it felt like there was a piece of cardboard over her crown chakra when she was in the city. The crown chakra is the energy center that most easily connects to Divine energy because of its higher frequency. She felt that the energy of Toronto covered up that center so that it was not open and clear to receive the way it could be.

At the time I had no idea what she meant. Then she moved out of Toronto to a smaller city north and east. I decided to visit her at her new space. As soon as I got off the 401, I felt the energy shift. It lifted in density and because more expansive.

I drove through little towns and wooded areas, wondering if it was the amount of traffic on the 401 or if the people who drove it were feeling more frustrated from the drive as it is a major highway with frequent jams and accidents.

If only it were that simple. A few years later, I had the opportunity to visit Erie, Pennsylvania. There was a tangible shift over the border, another energy shift around some power lines in New York State, and then we got to Erie.

Driving through the streets around a particular section of Erie made me want to leave. I could feel the toxicity in the soil. The energy reeked of it. I was not surprised to learn that Erie has one of the highest incident rates of a rare type of cancer – smoldering myeloma. Whether the toxic soil was from the industry that once existed there or from dumping, I don’t know.

There are other places that I’ve been that have amazing energy. One of the best places I’ve ever been in all my travels is the Taj Mahal. It is said that this mausoleum and the surrounding grounds was built with love. That is exactly what I felt. I have felt no stronger place of love than the Taj Mahal.

Once, we decided to stay in Cayuga, Ontario at a nice B&B in the country side. Compared to what I was used to, it was a shock. There was hardly any energy to speak of. It felt devoid and still. For some, perhaps that would be good energetic environment. For me, it felt odd.

In Toronto, there are millions of people inter-mingling their auras, sending out thought forms, electrical energy from cell and hydro towers, subways, noise and movement. There is a buzziness there. As soon as I stepped off the train I was immersed in the flow of it.

Being back felt good. I took in a breath feeling the familiar energy. I noticed how easy it would be to thrive off of the buzz. But then I noticed that although there was lots of energy, it was also convoluted. It was mix of different vibrations and it didn’t feel quite right to me anymore. I guess the move to Oakville has given me time to adjust out of that.

Oakville has its own energy signature. Like Toronto, it has people inter-mingling their auras, sending out thought forms, electrical energy from cell and hydro towers, noise and movement. But it’s different. It’s not as dense and has a different vibe.

Neither place is completely clean. Each has benefits and drawbacks. I see the move to Oakville as being Spirit led as we had signs along the way. Is it right place for me? I believe it is as I trust Spirit. Just like Toronto was the right place for me before this.

When you live in a place for so long, you get used to the feeling of the energy. It becomes like a second skin. Some cities may interact better than others with your energy system, your aura. As you change and evolve through your life, you might find that what once worked, doesn’t. Or perhaps you find the place within the city that is best for you. Each city has pockets of energy and an overall signature.

You may need to get out of it for a while to notice if you feel any different, like I did. It may be one thing you consider when deciding where to live. If you are in a place that you love or work and the energy doesn’t feel quite right, there are a couple of things to try.

First, the places where you spend the most time – work and home. You can make the energy of the places cleaner by smudging them regularly with white sage or through sound, bringing in colours that make you feel good, or bringing in higher vibes with spiritual items or through meditating in the space.

Second, when you are out and about, you can use some visualization to help keep yourself in space of cleaner energy. Try surrounding yourself with a white light bubble or imagine yourself in a peaceful place like a forest or beach. This helps to shift your vibration so that lower frequencies don’t influence it as much.

Everything is energy. Cities and countries, streets and people, everything has an energy signature. The places that feel most like home may be the ones that vibrate with a nice resonance with your aura.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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  • Mae February 19, 2015, 11:01 am

    When I returned to my hometown (Guelph) from living in Toronto for 5 years, I remember feeling like all the energetic/positive energy of city living was being sucked out of me. That feeling has since disappeared and I don’t feel any urge to leave this city. I’m really curious to know what kind of energy you feel from Guelph, or at least how you felt during your time here at the psychic fair a few years ago (although I’m sure it has changed since then).

  • Selina February 20, 2015, 1:01 am

    Hi Mae,

    Thanks for your question! Yes there is a big difference in energy outside of Toronto. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Guelph recently. But it may tell you something that I chose Guelph as the place to be married – that was several years ago. Generally speaking, Guelph has energy that is active but not unsettling. I find it pretty stable, and it feels that Guelph may hold a few secrets – i.e. money and power behind the scenes. I also feel there is a lot of earth energy and I wouldn’t be surprised if people who are more akin to earth resonance or have a lot of elemental energy feel calmer and rejuvenated there.

    All the best,

  • Jo oliver July 30, 2017, 8:34 am

    Hi I know this a old article, but I felt I had to write this. I live in England in a small town called Dudley, and the vibrational energy here is terrible. It feels heavy and oppressive. I’ve been here for 2 years, and are doing everything I can to move. It seems the longer I stay, the worse the feeling gets. Previously to this, I lived in a city called wolverhampton for 10 years. The vibration there was much better. I’m making plans to move to the seaside, but will be checking out the area first for the general feel of the place.

  • kimberley linden September 24, 2017, 8:22 pm

    hello Selina! I live in Toronto aswell, and as i get older i feel the need to b able to go to high energy places for renewal. I have aswell travelled around the world and some of the best places are of course, Stonehenge and several places in Turkey. Do u know of any high energy places in ontario i could go to? Wishing Mt. Shasta was in my yard, lol

  • Selina Khan October 2, 2017, 2:27 pm

    Hi Kimberley,

    High park is good place if you are in Toronto. One of the churches downtown has a labyrinth. I’ve heard there is a stone circle somewhere near Caledon but I have never done research on that. Also, there are petroglyphs in Peterborough I believe. Also have not checked it out. If anyone else has ideas, please share!

    Generally speaking, I look for places near water, or in nature. Although sometimes, I will walk into a crystal store to get recharged. I like gifts of the earth on the Danforth and Alternative Thinking on Bloor.


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