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A question that is not uncommon when I’m giving a psychic reading to a client is “Can you tell me about my health?”. When I scan their body as a Medical Intuitive, they may be surprised at my answers. Many people are not familiar with medical intuition in a reading.

Psychically I sense what’s going on physically with them. The surprise comes when their body speaks to me about emotions and beliefs that underlie what’s going on physically.

Some of my clients are aware that for most diseases, illnesses, and physical discomforts, there is a psycho-emotional underlying cause. What does that mean exactly?

It means that your emotions and beliefs can manifest in your body. Let’s take one of my clients as an example. It’s not a psychic reading, but it does get the point across, so I can better explain this concept of medical intuition.

I was contacted by a woman because she wanted me to give her Reiki. She had developed vaginal cancer, was undergoing radiation treatment, and was all burned from the radiation.

Because I work intuitively with Reiki, I was getting messages about how she felt in her life, seeing psychic images, and feeling emotions of resentment and anger. I gently asked her a few questions. As her story unfolded, it made sense to me why her body had decided to manifest cancer in that particular area of her body.

This woman had been physically abused by her husband all her life. Her children did not support her emotionally. She felt disempowered as a woman, and had a lot of repressed anger against her husband.

If you are familiar with the work of Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) or Narayan Singh Khalsa (Messages From the Body), you might know that cancer is often associated with repressed anger. Where the cancer develops can give you a clue as to what the underlying issues are.

In this woman’s case, the cancer developed vaginally, which from an energy perspective makes sense. The root chakra has to do with family, stability, safety and security. It’s located at the base of your spine.

The second chakra has to do with, among other things, feminine power. It’s located two inches below your belly button – in women, over their womb.

So it made sense energetically that this is where the cancer developed given the circumstances she had been living with. It took years of anger and feeling disempowered as a woman for her body to develop cancer. It was speaking to her and she hadn’t listened, so now her body was speaking louder through cancer. Did she listen?

For her, this was the beginning of her spiritual journey. She started to listen to affirmations that were positive and uplifting. She even started to read Louise Hay’s book and began to make the connections of her ignoring her feelings and how her body was trying to get her attention.

In the end, through her own work, the Reiki sessions, and conventional treatment, she reached a point where her cancer was no longer detectable. Just as important, she also developed a new relationship with her body and a new sense of her self.

What is interesting is that while she was sick, her husband did not abuse her. Our last Reiki session was when she decided that she was going to leave the relationship.

I wish I could tell you the rest of what happened, but I never heard from her again. Wherever she is in her life, I do hope that she is safe, healthy, and loving herself.

Learning to listen to your body means more than tuning into aches and pains. Your body listens very carefully to you – to your emotions, your beliefs about yourself. You can develop your own medical intuition. Are you listening to it? It just might save your health down the road, if you do.

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