The Psychic Couch Syndrome

psychic readings change your future

No this is not about psychic furniture! This is about how you can change your future in a way that leaves you missing out on opportunities. That’s right – you can change your future. Psychic predictions are based on your current energy and projection in life. So if you don’t like what you hear, you can create a new future by changing your thoughts and behaviours. How do you sabotage your future? Read on.

I had a client who wanted to know about her love life. When would she meet someone? She wasn’t in a relationship and hated being alone. I took a peek into her future possibility and saw that there was indeed someone coming on the horizon. In fact, it wasn’t too far off – only a couple of months before their paths might cross.

She was so happy to hear this! In fact, she decided that as there was someone new coming into her life, that she would stop trying to meet people. She ended up not going out or putting the effort into being available. In effect, it was as if she decided to sit on the couch at home and wait until he rang her doorbell.

Well you can imagine how that changes the energy. She didn’t end up meeting him. We always have responsibilities to be open and take actions toward what we want in the future. Sometimes that action is to change something within us. Sometimes it’s to get out there and do something. Usually one is connected to the other.

It’s the psychic couch syndrome. But that’s just one way we can negate a possibility in our future. Let’s look at a different type of scenario.

What if you get messages all the time to do something but don’t follow them. One person I know had several readings from different psychics. Everyone had the same vision for her. We saw her moving to a particular U.S. state where she would be able to get work and would be living in a big house with a porch.

Over and over again projects and job offers came up in this U.S. state. She decided that she was too afraid to move there as she didn’t want to upset her life. Fear kept her from taking these opportunities.

The universe moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes to get us to where we need to be, it gives us a big shove when we don’t listen to our hearts and the signs around us. Unfortunately, the big shove can mean fast endings and discomfort. What she was holding onto fell apart and now she is scrambling to get back on her feet.

Many paths – same destination. Psychic readings are meant to give you a glimpse of what is likely and what is possible in the future. Readings are also meant to help you get clarity on past, current and future events so you can begin to make changes to better align yourself through your choices to a future that you want to manifest.

Sometimes there are many different paths and different outcomes. Other times it seems like all paths lead to the same place. There is a balance between letting go and trusting, and taking right action. Wherever you end up moving to, leave the psychic couch behind.

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