Psychic Energy Vampires

Psychic Energy Vampire


You know those blood-sucking vampires you see in movies? They may not exist, but energy-sucking psychic vampires do. Would you know if you met one and what to do about it?

What if it turns out your spouse, child, or best friend is one? Or what if it’s you? No need for wooden stakes or garlic (although bad garlic breath will keep anybody away). Keep reading to find out what really works.

Psychic vampires or energy vampires is a term given to people who drain other people’s energy. You may notice that after talking on the phone with someone, or spending time with them, that you feel fatigued and slightly down.

If you notice this happens often with one person, then they are likely siphoning your energy – sucking it out of you. People don’t realize that they are unconsciously giving the energy vampire permission to do it!

That’s right, you may feel sorry for your friend, feel like you need to “save” or take care of your spouse. That’s fine until you cross that line where unconsciously you feel obligated to help them at your own expense.

Many people who are empathic (are able to energetically feel other people’s emotions) are also natural care takers. They feel sympathy for other people easily and because of this and they tend to attract people who are needy into their lives.

What can you do? Any or all of these will help:

  1. Distance yourself from the people who drain you. This may not be possible to do or you may not want to in some cases. That’s okay because there are other things that will help.
  2. Develop detached compassion. This means listening to them, supporting them, and not getting emotionally caught up in their stuff. It also means realizing that wanting to help them may not be the best thing. Sometimes, we need to go through things in order to become stronger.If you jump in and try to save someone from their emotions or a situation, you may indeed be robbing that person of the opportunity to grow and become stronger. Of course, this doesn’t mean abandoning them – just be aware of the line between being there for them and taking it on for them.
  3. Employ the powers of your mind. You can surround yourself in white light and that will help to keep your aura protected from any attempts to “borrow” some of your energy reserves.

At events that I hold, I sometimes talk about psychic vampires. I ask people if they know someone who is an energy vampire or a psychic vampire. About 70 to 80% of the audience raises their hand.

When I ask if they have ever been a psychic vampire, only a few people recognize that they have drained other people’s energy before! I guess no one wants to admit it.

We’ve all done it. We do it by complaining excessively, continually focusing on the negative, looking for sympathy for sympathy’s sake, or are insecure and needy. Working on your issues, learning how to clear and strengthen your aura, and focusing on gratitude and what’s going right in your life can help you to remain strong and healthy.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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  • natalie February 16, 2015, 12:58 am

    I have noticed a few things about the psychic attacks that have almost destroyed my life. Alot of it is from being forced to be part of a cult that I thought was just a school.
    I am doing Yuen method which is copyrighted to strengthen my weaknesses to that. It is really easy method to learn or other methods can be used obviously.

    I also have noticed alot of weaknesses relating to the following that are causing psychic attacks:

    – lower astral energies draining my life force
    – lower astral energies posessing you
    – lower astral energies not permitting you to be safe
    – lower astral energies not permitting you to be protected
    – Lower astral energies being injected in you, or everywhere
    – Lower astral energies being Haarped in you, or everywhere
    – Lower astral energies being grown in you or everywhere

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