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What happens after death is something we all think about at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s because we wonder about a loved one who has passed. We wonder if they made it to the other side, what they are doing now and if they come to visit us.

Other times we wonder what happens after death because we are sensing our own mortality. A cousin of mine is elderly and in poor health. The doctor told her she has about two years to live. She isn’t too open about the spiritual side of life. I wish I could share with her what she may go through when it’s her time to cross as it might help her with her fear of death.

I’ve read many different accounts of what people remember in a near death experience. That gives me a small glimmer into what it’s like for someone to cross over to the other side. However, I think that what happens after death for these people is not a good indicator of what happens after death for people who die and don’t come back to life.

People who have a near death experience often remember hovering over their bodies just after they die. They report seeing themselves on the operating table, their bodies after a traumatic accident, or laying on the floor after their heart stops. However they pass, their spirit leaves their body and often hovers over their physical body.

Then they speak of a bright light, love surrounding them and a voice or a being (which they may know, like a family member, or a higher level being like an Angel) that tells them it isn’t their time yet. Sometimes people are shown things before they return to life in the body they just left. Others don’t have that experience.

How will we know what happens after death until we get there ourselves? One way is to ask those who have crossed into the light and are visiting us in spirit. This is what I’ve done to find out what it’s like after we die.

One might think that what happens after death is the same for everyone. I’m not sure if this is true, or if some of the spirits that speak to me about their transition just don’t share everything. Many people wonder what happens to suicidal souls, if their experience is different than others. I know we aren’t meant to know everything about how things work and I think there are “rules” about how much and what they can share.

When someone is getting ready to transition, some family members who are already on the other side will come and be present with them while their body is still alive. There may also be Angels or other higher level beings present. They are there to help this person into the light and ease the transition.

Once the person’s spirit is through the light tunnel or bright light to the other side, there are more spirits that are part of the same soul group waiting for them. There is so much joy from both those waiting on the other side and the spirit who is returning.

What happens after death from this point on seems to change according to the spirit I speak to. Some spirits tell me they go through a convalescences of sorts. This may happen when there had been a long period of suffering or extreme illness before they die. Yet, others who had suffered tell me they did not need this.

Some spirits tell me that they go through a life review. They are able to see things and experience things from other perspectives that allow them to let go of all the anger, frustration, and hurt. This life review gives them insight and allows them to spiritually grow.

I know that a few of the spirits were attending to particular matters on the earth plane. It was more of wanting to finish something or put things right. This seemed different than wanting to help those they love that are still alive. This was more about what they felt they needed to do have peace for themselves.

When this is completed, I have noticed that their energy changes. They become more peaceful, lighter, and their energy seems happier. It’s as if what they do helps them in their spiritual progression.

That’s the other thing that spirits tell me happens after death for them. They don’t stop growing spiritually.

In fact, it seems that they have jobs or tasks that they do on the other side. This could be anything from continuing to learn spiritual values, helping to guide family members on earth, helping new spirits to settle in, assisting with maintaining or changing energies that are part of how the universe functions.

I’ve asked spirits for more detailed information but I don’t always get an answer. When I asked about this, I was told that what happens after death is sometimes so complex that we just wouldn’t understand. I’ve also been told that we aren’t meant to know everything right now!

What I am sure about is that our experiences on the other side are filled with love. We are welcomed Home with open arms, unconditional love, and absolute joy. What happens after death doesn’t separate us from those we love. We join those who are already in spirit and we are able to visit our loved ones still on the earth plane.

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  • walter March 13, 2017, 5:48 pm

    I am 68 years old now. my wife of 42 years passed away in 2012. I took it pretty hard.

    Than I visit an old friend that got married about an year and a half brfore I met my future wife., However the bridesmaid I just now finding out was my future wife. and we got pregnant pretty quick because we fell madly in love. us being so young, our parents went beserk. resulting in susan going to live with her grandmother in Galveston. however she died in a terrible car crash and was three months pregnant. Seems I suffered trauma and repressed 100% of her memory of her. not until after my wife died 43 years later did memories started surfacing, than I get hyptimized to verify all of this and than finally started seeing a medium for further help. my conclusions are Susan died and I repressed her memory for 43 years and only got some memories after my wife passed away with cancer.And now Susan my first love and I was her first love. I have gotten many good memories that pretty well confirms all of this. and it seems that Susan was my first love and therefore she will be the first one waiting for me when I leave this earth.

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