Trance Mediumship

trance mediumship

If you’ve seen Esther Hicks channel through the spirit who calls itself Abraham, then you’ve seen trance mediumship in action. Trance mediumship is a different way of working with the spirit world, and other types of consciousness, such as Spirit Guides.

Just as “Abraham Hicks” speaks through Esther, trance mediums allow spirit to come through them to share wisdom. Trance mediumship gives us an opportunity to have a deeper and more tangible connection to spirit.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and witness some amazing trance mediums. They all have their unique ways of working. From allowing spirit to come through them to do energy healing (trance healing), speaking through the medium (trance mediumship or trance speaking), to allowing the spirit energy – ectoplasm – to manifest in a voice heard by the ears, or moving objects (physical mediumship), it all falls under the umbrella of trance mediumship.

Cultures around the world have a spiritual aspect of trance. The Sufi’s go into a trance state in order to connect with Divine energy of God. You may have heard of them – the Whirling Dervishes. They spin and go into the spiritual emotion that provides a direct union and experience of God consciousness.

Native Indians have entered trance states through fasting, sweat lodges, and shamanic rituals. They connect with spirits who reveal information to them about their life purpose, the tribe’s way of life, or allow spiritual healing to occur.

Some Afro-Caribbean religions incorporate trance states as well. Vodoun and Santeria are examples. Thailand has it’s own experience of trance, incorporating tattoos on the body to signify the energy of the trance state.

How deep you go into the trance state depends on one thing. It’s about letting go. Most people think of two states of trance mediumship – you are either in it, or out of it! In other words, most people assume that the medium is in a deep state of trance where they don’t know what’s going on.

The truth is, you go as deep as you want to. And that doesn’t mean that if don’t go really deep, you won’t connect. There is a continuum, a range of trance of that goes from a light state of meditation to a deep state where you aren’t really even in your body.

The nice thing about learning how to do trance in a controlled environment, is that you learn how to do it safely and you learn different techniques. Every once in a while, I teach a Trance Mediumship workshop and I give my students all they need to know about going into the trance state.

In my workshop, we talk about how to connect with higher vibrational beings. I’ve found that the higher the vibration of the spirit, the more the messages tend toward universal spiritual concepts. It is possible to ask direct questions and receive guidance about specific situations as well.

Trance mediumship is something to be experienced and to witness. Support and guidance from the spirit world comes in many different forms, and trance mediumship is another way to connect.

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