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I have two other blogs about spirit orbs in photos. The first explains what people think these spheres of energy we call spirit orbs that show up in photographs are really about. The second is a spirit orb gallery where you can share your photos of spirits, spirit orbs, and other supernatural phenomenon that you capture in your photos and on film. I tend to get a lot of questions about orbs so I thought I’d address the most common spirit orb questions here.

Why do some people have spirit orbs around them but others don’t?

I get this question from parents who notice that one child in particular tends to have one or several spirit orbs that show up when they get their photos taken. But it’s not just children. Sometimes it’s an adult that tends to have orbs around them. There are several reasons why this might happen.

1) The aura of the person is brighter. Think of moths drawn to a flame. Now think of things from spirit’s perspective. Out there are all the auras of everyone. Some are brighter, some are dimmer, and then once in a while there is a really big bright light.

A bright aura means that the person has a lot of good energy, a good attitude, is very healthy and/or spiritual. If I was a spirit orb, I’d like to hang around these people too. Or at least I’d go check out who has such a bright light.

Children tend to have cleaner and brighter auras than adults. Mix that in with #2 and it’s almost a given to attract spirit attention. Children also like to have fun and are more open in their thinking. This can create a nice high vibration in their energy which is similar to the higher vibrations that spirit naturally has. It makes the connection smoother and somewhat easier.

2) The person has strong intuitive abilities. If someone is open to perceiving the spirit world or has a good strong intuition about them, they may be more likely to attract spirit orbs around them. That’s because the spirit knows that they have a better chance of communicating with them.

Think of walking into a room full of people and no one can see, hear or feel you except for one person. You’d go straight to that person and hang around them. But sometimes it’s not a bright aura or someone with intuitive abilities. That’s when it might be a case of #3.

3) They need more help. People in the living go through many challenges in their lives. Often time it’s during the low periods that spirit is around us the most.

It’s not unusual for someone who has passed to visit those still living much more often in the beginning, and then less often as the person learns to cope and move on.

It might be that a particular person requires more support than someone else at that time and so spirit orbs in photos may be seen more often during that time period.

4) It’s the place and not the person. There are many locations in the world that tend to have more spirit activity than others. Sometimes it’s the land itself and other times it’s the building. Sometimes there is a portal or vortex located there that spirits can travel through.

Vortexes and portals can be naturally occurring due to earth grid lines that cross. These are energy lines that criss-cross the earth. Where many intersect you’ll often find sacred buildings, monuments or government buildings. These places tend to have more spirit activity and draw on the power center itself.

Other buildings, including homes, can be attractive to spirit. This may be because of a direct emotional attachment to the building when the person was alive, or due to circumstances that happened there that left a large energetic emotional charge.

Once when I was visiting my aunt’s house, I went into her bedroom and saw a large energetic vortex swirling above her bed. When I asked her what she does there she told me that she meditates and prays a lot while sitting in her bed. Not sure if the vortex was there first or her spiritual activity encouraged it to open.

Should I be afraid?

Short answer – no! With very few exceptions, all of the spirit orbs that are captured in photos are family, guides, or other spirits that are either helping, protecting, visiting, or just plain old curious or passing through.

Is it my (fill in the blank)?

Some people want to know if it’s a particular family member that’s visiting in spirit orb form. There are many types of spirits that visit and yes sometimes it’s family. Other times it’s a different kind of spirit.

I’d like to leave you with a couple of thoughts about spirit orbs. It may be that the spirit allows itself to be photographed and you did not accidentally photograph it. That means that you were meant to see it on film. You are, after all, dealing with an intelligent living being of a different form that has abilities that we do not yet have as we are still in our bodies.

I believe that all things happen for reasons. Perhaps the reason you have spirit orbs in your photos is to remind you that you are not alone. It’s a reminder that we are always connected to those in spirit and that we share this vast universe.

If you would like to share your photos of spirit orbs, spirits/ghosts, and other paranormal occurrences, please email your photo in a jpg format. I’ll need permission from everyone in the photo for it to be posted on my blog. If requested, I can also block out the faces, but otherwise, I do not alter photos in any way.

Also, if you would like your photo interpreted, I now offer this service. More details are in the Mediumship section.

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  • Kimberly Thompson October 25, 2014, 11:23 am

    I have so many pictures I would love to share with you! Crazy orbs…….what’s your email address?

  • Selina October 28, 2014, 2:01 am

    Hi Kimberly, You can email me your orb photos at torontopsychicservices@gmail.com. I’d love to see them. As well, would you please give me permission to post them on the blog in the spirit orb gallery? I would love to share them with others.


  • Debbie November 2, 2014, 2:11 am

    Why does the flash not go off on a camera when my picture is taken with a person who is dying? This has happened to me twice. Different people different cameras and different people taking the pictures. Yet when I take photos of others with the person dying the flash works.

  • Selina November 3, 2014, 5:58 am

    Hi Debbie,

    This is the first that I’ve heard of something like that happening. I can only give you my theories. It could be that the person’s energy who is preparing to transition to pure spirit state soon may have changed in a way that when with your energy affects the flash discharge. It could also be that your energy and/or subconscious mind is causing the flash not to discharge when you are having your picture taken with the person as a metaphor for their eventual life force leaving the body. I feel that it has to do with the energy itself, rather than a guide or spirit interfering, although it may be influenced as stated above.

    If anyone else has any thoughts on this, please share.


  • terri hernandez December 20, 2014, 4:25 pm

    I had one varylarge pink orb fly in my living room once.than golden swishes one by curio one by recliner at bottom one by couch and one by dog box in living room.I also ocassionaly have a shower of orbs in living room &bathroom.they are dozens and hundreds .then it goes back days later to 5or6.

  • jim kelly December 24, 2014, 5:33 am

    hello, i have photographed a portal or vortex. please check out my story on my website, of how all this started with me. the only difference now and when i finished my story in august of 2012 is that my photographs have gotten more and more angelic or spiritual if you will. please check it out, it will be well worth the time. thank you. JIM KELLY 12/23/2014.

  • Patricia Raynes December 29, 2014, 6:59 am

    Hi I would just like to say, I was waiting for my taxi to go to work, I had a few minutes to spare so I thought I would take a picture of my lovely dog rocky 28.12.14 it was about 7.30am, as I took the picture he got up and walked off but when I was going through the pictures to my surprise I had captured a grey circle on his bed, so I showed the picture round at work and they said it looks like an orb, can u tell me what this could mean I have never seen an orb before. Thanks Tricia

  • Nicola January 5, 2015, 1:20 am

    I took a Video on Christmas morning of my 2 little girls opening there Pressents.
    When I looked back on the Video there was a lot of Orbs flying past my Girls,,, can you tell me what that means please,,,,
    Many Thanks

  • Selina January 6, 2015, 4:59 am

    Hi Nicola,

    My feeling is that these are family members in spirit (I pick up one male in particular, but others there as well). The holiday time of year and being with family is something that spirit may particularly cherish. Your girls were very excited, yes? I feel the orbs were sharing in that as well!

    Thank you for your comment. Blessings for the New Year!

  • Selina January 6, 2015, 5:11 am

    Hi Patricia,

    Feels like your dog has a spirit that he hangs around. Doesn’t seem bothered by it. Animals interact with spirits as well. The spirit orb is not there all the time. It’s kind to him. So he has a spirit that visits with him and he’s good with it.


  • Julie De Agrela April 19, 2015, 5:43 pm

    why in the last year am I having them every photo around my home in my home in my pictures and out the bush

  • Selina April 21, 2015, 2:00 am

    Hi Julie,

    Likely a combination of the general earth energy changes happening for everyone (ascension shifts) and a change in your personal life as well. This could be spiritually based as in you opening up and changing your own vibrations.


  • Jon November 29, 2015, 12:39 pm

    Okay so I really need help and this is in regard to a 3:30 min video taken a year or two again of my now passed grandma a month before he death on her last birthday. I can’t supply it currently and I don’t have it with me its on a backup at home. Anyways I’m this video its everybody singing happy birthday while my grandma cries from joy. Then her grandkids start hugging her. First is the oldest and it is very visible that at least 10 orbs are seen! It could just be multiple of the same but at least 3 are distinctively present around my grandma and her mother. What’s more is the orbs show only during the embrace to for all my cousins… Except for me. I join my grandma a total or two times and instead of the same orbs like my cousins and her mom the entire room shifts color! I’ve analyzed frame by frame and there is no coronation with the camera and surrounding light. But when I get close the whole Room turns blue in the video. When I begin to release the room flashes back to normal or fades to normal! Idk what’s going on but what could it mean I bring such a sudden change to the energy?

  • Selina Khan December 1, 2015, 12:20 pm

    Hi Jon,

    I would surmise that your energy frequency and your grandmother’s frequency when interacting together produce a stronger frequency that is visible on camera as blue light. The orbs (spirits) probably didn’t come around you because they 1) didn’t want to interfere with the beautiful connection the two of you created and/or 2) it wasn’t needed as your vibration may be different than her other grandkids and mother.

    The connection between the two of you producing the blue light may mean different things, but I’d have to spend more time on it and prefer to see it. If you are interested in that, you can book an orb reading with me and send me the video.


  • Deana February 23, 2016, 8:44 pm

    I have many orbs and spirits in my home , I can communicate back and forth with some … I see their faces , sometimes I can see them very clear so clear that I sometimes am unsure if they are spirits or living breathing human beings… these being the ones that roam the earth… which brings me to my question , what are the orbs that can form into full bodies that can go from short to tall ? I hope this makes sense … Thank you , Deana

  • Selina Khan February 25, 2016, 11:40 am

    Hi Deana,

    That’s an interesting question. I have never seen a transition like that where the spirit changes form from orb to a body. It doesn’t surprise me however. I have read and heard from various people that the orb state is an easier way for certain spirits to travel or a more comfortable form for them. I believe that as an energy being, this would not be the only form they could take and that it is possible for them to morph into other states.

    I hope this gives some food for thought.


  • Mary March 20, 2016, 12:02 pm

    My daughter’s dad surposinly commented suicide many years ago,also her half brother,20yrs.got in a car wreak years ago.well it was her brothers birthday n she alwaz goes to the graves,he is rite beside he’s n her dad.she’s been going there every year on special daz,but never after dark. Last night she went,took her recorder and as usual, she talks ton them both,she got really upset n it was the 1st time she let it all out that she don’t beleave he commented suicide, which we have an idea of the situation, well she got upset,crying,talking of the person who may have caused his death,now this was all being recorded, n she was alone.she vented,and all of a sudden she felt really error n even scared, which never happened all the times b4.she was talking to her lil brother,told him she loved him n he said back,I love u,she told her dad,I love you,he came back with,I love u baby girl,I know this sounds weird, but at 3am this morning she came to me crying, said mom u gotta come must to this,I swear, I heard her brother say,I love you n her dad in a very muffuled voice say,I love you baby girl.I beleave in spirits,and when I heard her dad say that, I got chills n I new it was him.also his wife of when he surposivly died,she’s on her death bed now,she was a mean,hatful,spiteful person.I just don’t know what to think of this.We have the recording,I listened to his voice 10/plus.what do u make of this,my daughter told me she has never felt evil there all the yrs.she’s been going there,it scares her.She felt evil last night

  • Selina Khan March 23, 2016, 4:51 pm

    Hi Mary,

    EVP is when spirit interacts with an electronic recording device and imprints sounds or voices on it. It’s like the recorder is picking up messages from spirits. When this happens, you won’t necessarily hear it out loud. Many times it is only heard when it is played back after recording what we consider to be silent space. I’ve had an experience myself where I recorded the spirit voice of a woman who was not in the light during a house clearing. It was silent during the clearing but on the recorder I have the clearest recording of her responding to me asking her what her name is.

    EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

    Take care,

  • Peter October 19, 2016, 3:52 pm

    I Have A lot of pictures with the SunLight Beams of sun Always Shining on me What Does this Mean ?

  • Liz kutsch July 24, 2017, 8:28 am

    I have a purple circle with shows 2 small eyes in a photo. That I took in my house my husband died about 18 months ago can this be him the picture is very clear

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