Signs from Spirit Guides – Don’t Buy That House!

signs from spirit guides

This is a story of house hunting that led to an almost perfect house. Things came down to the wire – were we going to put in a bid for the house? Well, why not? House hunting isn’t easy and when the right house comes along there is no reason to hesitate.

My spirit guides had a different opinion. In two days, we had three signs not to buy the house. Two of them came through our real estate agent, although he is pretty skeptical about the whole psychic thing. The last one we asked for a message from our spirit guides and got a cryptic message we had to google.

It all started last summer. We’ve been renting for a while and the time seemed right to see if there was a house for us. Our real estate agent showed us house after house. It became really apparent that it wouldn’t be easy to find the right one. At this point I would have loved some signs from spirit guides! But sometimes, you have to be patient.

Some where too small, others too big. Some had weird layouts or were over priced. One was around the corner from a “gentleman’s club” aka strip joint, another close to hydro wires.

Then we found it! It was a large enough house with a finished basement that would be perfect to teach psychic development classes, give reiki sessions and psychic readings. The rooms were large and airy with lots of natural light.

The people selling the house wanted all bids in a two hour time period on a particular date. We had two days to decide if we would put in a bid. That’s when spirit decided to it was time to intervene! The signs from spirit guides began to appear.

Because my real estate agent was not an overtly spiritual person or a believer in the psychic realm, I think our spirit guides gave him two messages for us on purpose so we would take notice.

First, our agent misplaced his pager. He searched high and low, went through all the clothes he wore the last day, looked in every pocket. He couldn’t find it anywhere. He checked the same places several times.

A couple hours later he checked one more time – and there it was! It was in a pocket that he had searched already. He swore up and down that there was no way he could have missed it because of its size.

Then he called us the next day with a dream he had. We have a water filter where you pour tap water into the top of a container and it filters into the lower part now free of heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine.

One of the neat things about this filter is that you can put food colouring in with the water and it will filter it out. It’s a test the company does to show how it can get even the smallest impurity out of the water.

Our agent said he dreamed that we poured coca-cola into the top part, and coca-cola came out the bottom part. Another strange thing to take note of.

These two things had grabbed our attention because it was strange and timely. But were these really messages? Were these really signs from spirit guides? Should we not be bidding on this house?

So we decided to ask our spirit guides directly for a message. As my husband was driving home, I said to him, “Ask for some signs from your spirit guides about whether we should go ahead and buy this house.”

“Boxcars”, he replied.

“What?” I said. I didn’t understand.

“I’m being shown two dice and each one has six dots on it. I also get the word boxcars.”

Neither of us had a clue what this meant, so we went home and googled it. Turns out that it’s a dice roll in the game of craps. When a pair of sixes turns up it’s called boxcars and means that it’s an automatic loss.

Yikes! So do we listen to our spirit guides and let the house go or do we buy a house that was pretty well perfect for us? There was no reason we could see not to buy this house.

We decided not to put in a bid. There was only one other bid and they got the house.

Did we have regrets? Not really. I’ve learned over the years to trust when I get signs from my spirit guides, my own intuition, and the universe. If they took the effort to give us not one, but three messages, then I know it’s really important to listen.

It would be really great if I had something that happened afterward that proved it would be a horrible place for me live. That would make for a more interesting story. However, as far as I know, the house is fine.

Just because you don’t know the whys of the message, doesn’t mean the message doesn’t have value. I trust there are reasons for everything. When I ask why it wasn’t in our best interest to buy the house, I am told by my spirit guides that it wasn’t the right one. It’s nice to know that my spirit guides have my back!

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