Spirit Guides: Everything You Want To Know

Spirit Guides

Ever wonder if you have a spirit guide that helps you? Some people don’t know much about what spirit guides are all about, let alone how to start working with them. Once you know more about spirit guides, you’ll be able to get know and start working with yours.

What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a type of being that resides on a different vibrational frequency than our physical one. They help you in your life in many different ways. They are part of your “spirit team” which consists of spirit guides, family in spirit, Angels, and other types of spiritual beings that have your best interest at heart.

Some spirit guides come in with you when you incarnate and they will leave with you when it’s your time to cross over to the other side. They are with you for your entire life. It’s possible that they have been with you for more than one lifetime.

Other spirit guides are with you for a time only. This is because they have specific reason for being with you and when that is done, they leave.

Some spirit guides have incarnated before. They may have had a life on earth before. Some have never had a physical existence.

Guides may have their own personality or energy signature, such as being light hearted, strong, powerful, funny, or direct. They do not have the lower types of human attributes such as impatience, anger, malice or manipulation.

What do Spirit Guides Do?

There are many things that have to line up and synchronize to create certain opportunities and experiences in your life. Your spirit guides will help with arranging this when it’s possible. Most of the time, we don’t even know they are helping!

They work with you to help you spiritually progress. This means giving you guidance, helping you understand life lessons, and leading you to where you may find new experiences, insights and information to grow.

Does Everyone Have Spirit Guides?

Yes! In fact, you have more than one. I’ve never read for anyone that has only one spirit guide. Most people have at least one main guide and then several other guides that may not be there all the time or only for a time period.

I have two main spirit guides that I perceive as both being male. They always come together, but this doesn’t mean that’s how it will work for you. You may have two or three main guides that may show themselves to you one at a time or in a group.

Do They See Everything I Do? Even in the Bathroom or Bedroom?

Yes. But don’t worry. They don’t care about your bathroom or bedroom particulars. It is seen as part of the human experience and so it doesn’t create a reaction for them like it might for us. They are more evolved than us.

I also believe that they don’t always focus on everything in the same way. For example, although they are always ready and present to help and protect you if it’s for your highest good, it’s not like they are taking notes about how you shower.

My Aunt in Spirit Helps Me. Isn’t she my Spirit Guide?

Here is where confusion often lies. While your family in spirit can guide you, they are technically not spirit guides.

Your family in spirit does not stay with you 24/7. However, your main spirit guides do. Your spirit family will come and visit, and help you as they can.

What’s my Spirit Guide’s Name?

Many people ask me, Does my spirit guide have a name? Some spirit guides will give you a name that you can call them. Some of them really don’t care what you call them.

In fact, some guides who identify themselves in a way other than name may not be able to give you one. For example, there are entities that know each other by their vibrational signature which may be felt, heard, seen or just known. It may not be possible for them to translate that signature into a name easily.

If you ask for a name, it’s best that you take the first one that comes to you. If it doesn’t resonate with you, ask if you can call them something else.

My spirit guides, the two male ones I mentioned before, don’t have names for me. I called them guides. “Hey guides, can you please help me with this?” Then when I met my partner who is also intuitive, he started to call them tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum because they always came together.
I thought they would be offended by this. It felt like this was so unspiritual! But surprisingly, they didn’t mind and saw it as being light-hearted.

Once I tried asking them for actual names. They gave me two male names, both pretty common. I tried to call them those names but it just didn’t resonate with me. I was so used to calling them my guides so I stuck to that.

What do Spirit Guides Look Like?

This is actually a tricky question. There are some variables to consider when we talk about what a spirit guide may looks like.

1. They will present themselves in a form that is not threatening to you or that they feel you will be more receptive to.
2. They may come in a way which is more metaphorical than literal. For example, if they want to stress that they are here to protect you, they may come as a warrior or in armour.
3. They are non-human. That means that their natural state may have characteristics that are out of our frame of reference. Sometimes I’ve seen spirit guides that are taller than human, with elongated heads and no faces.
4. Characteristics that we think are mythological. I’ve seen pointy ears and elven like beings, fairy and pixie types, troll like short and squat. You might think all these are creatures from fairy tales and children’s stories. I believe that our mythology developed from real experiences that people had with these beings.

My two guides show themselves to me as light beings. They have a human form but all I see is light. One day, I asked if I could see what they looked like. I focused intently and saw a male face with brown hair and brown eyes. But it was easier for me to see them as light beings.

I think they too find it easier to present themselves to me as light. I think it’s more to do with how I tend to perceive their frequency as my partner perceives them as human males.

Which brings me to my last point. I may perceive your spirit guides differently than you do. In the end, they are your guides and it’s more important for you to work with how you perceive them.

Can Spirit Guides be Animals?

Yes. Animals can be spirit guides. But just like your Aunt in spirit, your last pet dog that crossed over may come to guide you but is not technically a spirit guide. Animal spirit guides tend to be more universal, drawing on a collective archetype of intelligence. However, you may find as mentioned above, that they have particular characteristics that are individual to them, but are not negatively associated such as anger, etc.

Can Spirit Guides be Non-human?

Yes they can be human or non-human. I find that those people who consider themselves to be star seeds or are open minded in understanding that there are intelligent species than human may have non-human guides.

I remember I had a visit from a golden reptilian in Bermuda shorts. It’s the only time I’ve seen him. He wanted to give me a specific message that not all reptilians are bad and there are many different kinds of reptilians within the species.

Don’t ask about the Bermuda shorts. Either my mind put them there, he has cool fashion tastes, or he came that way to lighten things up.

My Spirit Guide is a Native American Indian/Monk/Warrior but I have no association with this. What does that mean?

Sometimes you may have a spirit guide that is from a different culture or social significance that where you are in life. This may because of a past life connection or that is the best guide for you given what they help you with.

How Do I Learn to Communicate with my Spirit Guides?

Meditation is a good place to start. Guided meditations are best. I have one that I use with my students in the store if you want to start with that. Once you have the hang of it, you can do it without the mp3.

The other way to learn is to dialogue and LISTEN. The key is all in the listening. And not just with your ears, but with your body, your feelings. Watch your mind’s eye. See if any images come to mind.
Trusting what you get and practicing will make it better.

I teach people to lots of things with their abilities including how to connect with their spirit guides. If you want to join a class or take a workshop, it’s a great way to learn and you get to tap into group energy which makes growth all that much faster.

What if I Can’t Hear or Feel my Spirit Guides? Can they give me Signs?

Signs are great! They give us confirmation. They give us direction and things to consider. Some people see signs in clouds, some people get number sequences. You can ask your spirit guides to give you a sign so you know you are on the right track or to help you decide something.

One of my students shared a really interesting story of how her spirit guides gave her an answer through a sign of red shoes.

Can My Guides Change?

Sometimes you will get new guides. It’s not so common for your main guides to change. Rather, it’s a new guide that comes in to help with a specific task or lesson, or because your frequency is changing and you are now ready to work with them.

Some spirit guides are working with you but you haven’t perceived them yet. When you do perceive them, they may come forward even more strongly because they know they can work with you in a stronger way now. They aren’t new per se, but they are new to your perception.

I Ask For My Spirit Guides’ Help but Nothing is Happening. Why?

Your spirit guides are there to help if it’s for your highest good. Sometimes they don’t step in or give us guidance because we must figure things out on our own. It’s not because they don’t love you or are being lax.

Where Can I Learn More About Spirit Guides?

Start with the source. See if you can connect with your spirit guides and ask them questions about how you can best work with them.

Read. There are many books on spirit guides. My favourites are Ted Andrews, How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides and one by Ruth White called Working with Spirit Guides.

Join a class if you can or a meditation group that is open to these concepts. If you can’t find one near you, then meditate on your own or use a guided meditation.

There are lots of ways to learn. If you aren’t sure, ask your guides to help you find the right thing for you!

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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  • Mary Ann Perez July 9, 2015, 6:48 pm

    I just want to thank you for your artical.

  • Selina Khan July 13, 2015, 2:30 pm

    Thanks Mary Ann! Glad you liked it. Take care, Selina

  • Lena December 9, 2015, 3:29 am

    I am wondering if you give readings for people that want to connect with their passed pets? Is this at all possible ?

    Thank you for your articles

  • Selina Khan December 14, 2015, 12:04 pm

    Hi Lena,

    Yes I do. You can contact me to book an appointment. My email is TorontoPsychicServices@gmail.com.


  • sandeep singh January 13, 2016, 11:09 am

    Nyc article I also undergo spiritualism

  • sandeep singh January 13, 2016, 11:11 am

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    Sincerely thanks….🙏

  • Dail kelly February 5, 2016, 12:43 am

    Lots of great information ! I am getting the gift of green orbs, my dad passed on thanksgiving and I am now looking after my mum who has dementia. They lived in Oakville . Mum is now in Ottawa ! Every time I am at my lowest I receive an orb. I’d love to share these ! Pls let me know if I can email them to you! Healing orbs ❤️

  • Selina Khan February 8, 2016, 2:54 pm

    Hi Dail,

    Thanks kindly for your comment. I would love to share your photos in the Spirit Orb Gallery on my website. Please email them to me as a jpg. If there is anyone in the photo (aside from your spirit people 🙂 ) then I’ll need their permission to post before it goes up.


  • Brianne Parker May 7, 2016, 5:54 pm

    I work with a channeler and spiritual advisor to help communicate with my guides. I asked why they won’t give me an evp. My guides said they are coming thru little by little and do need gods permission on some things. What do u think???

  • Selina Khan May 11, 2016, 6:43 pm

    Hi Brianne,

    You get what is best for you and only what you want if it is in alignment with Divine will. That means if there is a reason for you not to experience an EVP, then it won’t happen. Sometimes it’s for you to develop faith, sometimes it’s not needed and it’s just a want from you, sometimes you aren’t ready for it.


  • Shiley November 18, 2017, 9:25 pm

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  • Claudia Adams December 5, 2017, 12:59 am

    Hello! I’ve been looking for a
    mentor in the Toronto area and I’m so glad that I finally see courses and classes in my area on how to develop my abilities, I hope one day I can afford to be taught by you..
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  • Selina Khan December 8, 2017, 2:51 pm

    Thanks Claudia!

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