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Have you ever seen a dark shadow or a negative entity? You know — out of the corner of your eye you see a figure that you don’t know.

Or maybe you are falling asleep and you open your eyes and see a dark figure standing beside you?

Your first reaction may be fear. You probably think this is a negative or dark entity.

I would like to offer you a new way of thinking. One that will liberate you from the fear you feel when these spirits show themselves to you.

When I was 15, I saw my first full figured apparition with my physical eyes. I was lying in bed when a tall, dark hooded figure appeared beside my bed. It was too tall to be human and there was no light emanating from it. I couldn’t see its face.

My reaction was one of total fear. I turned over, closed my eyes, and waited for it to go away. I was certain that this was a negative entity. After all, all the new age rhetoric teaches us that good entities or spirits are filled with love and light. Therefore if this was a good spirit it should have been glowing with light. Right?

Here is the problem. Our minds filter our experiences according to our belief systems. I often wish that I had been able ask that entity who it was and what it was there for. If I had been able to get past all of those horror movies that I had watched as a child that had programmed me to see spirits as evil unless they came as beautiful angelic presences, then maybe I would have learned why it had bothered to manifest.

It takes energy for spirits and entities who live on a different vibrational plane to change their frequency so that we can see them in our physical world. It was after I spoke to a medium friend of mine that I decided to experiment.

He has a very close relationship to the unseen world. He was extremely angry at spirit. His mother had died and they had not warned him. So, when it was his father’s turn to die, a spirit came to warn him.

He told me that a demon like entity appeared. But then this entity spoke and said to him that he was not a demon. He told my friend that it was his mind that was filtering his appearance to be a demon and that this is something that happens with us humans all the time. That was in fact not how he looked. He had come to tell him that his father was going to die as he had requested.

If my friend had not taken the time to listen and had reacted with fear, he would have sent it away without receiving the message.

I started to experiment and sent love energy to whoever showed up. What I found is that a spirit or entity who came because they had a neutral or positive agenda would welcome the love energy. Those spirits that did not have a positive agenda would be repelled by the love energy. They did not like the vibration of love and chose to leave. I realized the power of love.

The other change in my thinking came when I started to embody practices of connecting to everything and every other consciousness in my spiritual practice. I started to experience moments of unity consciousness — that we truly are all one.

Every consciousness in the universe is driving to fulfill itself and its purpose. Everyone’s purpose is the same — to ascend back to the loving creative vibration of source and realize our interconnectedness and our unity. There really is no such thing as positive or negative. These entities are on their own progression toward unity consciousness, just like us.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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    I loved it! Very well written.:o)

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