I see the spirit of my cat Miso

My cat Miso


It’s been over two months now that I had to put my beloved cat Miso down.   She had been losing weight for a while and refused to eat.  There was nothing the vet could do.  She suggested it was time to put her down.

Miso was the first cat I lived with that I stayed and held while she was being put to sleep.  My husband and I decided to ask my Mom’s spirit and his old cat Gout who had passed a few years earlier to help Miso cross over to the light.  We asked if Gout would show her the ropes so to speak and help her out on the Other Side.  As the fluid was released into her body, I told her to follow Gout and my Mom and the Angels and go into the light.

As tears streamed down my face, it was only about 30 seconds after her body went limp that I felt her spirit leave.  And it left quickly and was gone from the room.

When we got home, we lay down on the bed.  I was very upset.  And then an interesting thing happened.  Right above my head, a sort of portal opened up and out slipped Gout, followed by Miso!

I could feel their presence very strongly and I saw all this in my minds eye.  Miso followed Gout and then they disappeared.  Gout was indeed showing Miso around and teaching her.  Later, my Mom came to me and was holding her.  I know she is well taken care of.

Many people believe that animals have souls and they are intelligent beings.  They have their own spiritual progression as we do.  And they act as our companions, friends, and protectors in the Spirit World as well as when they are incarnate with us here on earth.

Thanks Gout, Thanks Mom.  I miss you Miso.

My new goal is to learn to astral travel (OBE – out of body experience) so I can fly around the universe with her.  I’ll keep you updated.

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  • Melanie June 7, 2015, 2:27 pm

    I believe in everything up until the past lives. We only have one life unless maybe we asked to come back, which me , I never want to. I also hear spirits talking to me while I sleep and not sure who it is. I get the names Tom Joe Sara a lot and I know someone close to me is always around! I asked why I get because I love you! Why didn’t he tell me that Alive :/

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