How to Become a Medium

how to become a medium

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Mediumship is a skill that can be learned. You can learn how to become a medium. It is not necessary to be born a medium. Although it can be helpful if you have a natural ability, many people needed to study and practice to learn how to become a medium.

I teach you how to become a medium by helping you develop your psychic abilities first. Not everyone approaches mediumship this way. I do this because I believe that having a strong psychic foundation is necessary to become a better medium.

This is because spirit communicates with you using your psychic senses. The most common psychic abilities that people use to communicate with spirits is clairvoyance (psychic seeing) and clairaudience (psychic hearing). I have another article about how mediumship sessions work if you are interested in more detail.

When you learn how to become a medium, it’s important not to doubt what you get. You are working with the spirit world which exists on a different vibration than ours. It’s easy to think you are making it all up. Trust comes with practice.

If you are clairvoyant, it means that you receive images in your mind. If you can visualize, or imagine something, then you have the ability to receive images from spirit.

The other day, as I was on my way to meet a client at my Toronto location, an image of a woman wearing a sari (traditional East Indian dress) popped into my head. I could see the little flowers on her sari. This was my client’s grandmother who had passed. She wanted to let me know she was already present for the mediumship reading I was about to do.

Spirit also can communicate with you using a word or a phrase. Sometimes it’s a sound, but most of the time they use words to convey things through your clairaudience. Usually, people will hear this just like they hear their own thoughts, but with a subtle difference.

When I have a very good connection to a spirit, I will often hear a word or phrase that is meaningful for the person I’m reading for. Sometimes I get a name that helps to identify who is visiting from spirit.

Recently, I was helping one of my mentorship students to improve her mediumship. I could feel a spirit step in and I saw Snoopy on his dog house. This image wouldn’t go away, so I said, “Snoopy”. She started to laugh and told me that was her boyfriend’s cat’s name. The cat’s spirit was visiting although he is still alive.

As you can see, when you learn to become a medium, you can connect with animal spirits, and spirits of those who are still in the living as well as those who have passed.

Other ways that spirits communicate with us directly is through our emotions and body sensations. This is known as clairsentience. Sometimes, when a spirit comes through, they may try to convey how they passed by letting us feel it in our own bodies. Pressure on the chest for me is associated with breathing issues or fluid in the lungs.

Sometimes you’ll get a psychic scent or taste. Those aren’t as common, but they are valid ways of receiving.

You may have already had experiences like this. Maybe you smell a particular scent when a spirit comes by that you know – like pipe smoke or perfume, or the smell of a favourite flower. Maybe spirit visits you in your dreams and you want to learn how to connect with them when you are awake.

When you learn how to become a medium, you’ll practice these skills through meditations and exercises. This is because it helps you to strengthen and understand your abilities and how you best work with spirit.

There is no correct way to communicate. Don’t think you need to do it just like the Long Island Medium does it. Your way of being a medium is the right way for you and that is something you can discover through practice.

Learning how to become a medium is not difficult once you understand your own psychic abilities. Some people learn because they want to connect with their own family in spirit, their spirit guides, or help others to do the same.

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  • Jessica May 25, 2016, 1:43 am

    Hello there, I have a question? Ive taken photos in my bathroom mirror and Ive had what appears to be a skeleton face appear in the photo. It had hair and an ear in the photo, as i saw from the angle. It always appears low to the ground. I find it very terrifying and I’m not sure what it is or who it is.. Do I have anything to be afraid of?

  • Selina Khan May 30, 2016, 12:00 pm

    Hi Jessica,

    I offer spirit and orb readings in photographs and videos as a service now. There is more information under the mediumship tab. If you want to book a reading with me for this, I’m happy to tune in to what it is.


  • SHELLY September 27, 2017, 7:33 pm

    Looking for mediumship developmental classes

  • Selina Khan October 2, 2017, 2:24 pm

    Hi Shelly,

    As I don’t know where you are in the world, the best I can do is to tell you to google it. There are both in-person and online classes available these days. Hopefully you will find one in your area.



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