How a Mediumship Session Works

how a mediumship session works

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A Medium is someone who can perceive spirits. Most people think that mediumship is all about talking to your family members who have crossed to the other side. Mediums can also perceive Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, human spirits who are not family, and non-human entities. Let’s talk about how a mediumship session works.

Mediums can also speak to the spirits of people who are still living. Yes, we can connect with people who are not dead yet. How does that happen? How does mediumship work? There are many layers of us and not all layers are incarnated in a body.

However, not all mediums have the same abilities and not all mediums work the same way. I have some clients that I love reading for because they are open to how spirit works. They understand that mediumship is an art of working with subtle energies.

I have other clients who come for mediumship that have expectations. I believe many of these people have learned about mediumship from reality TV shows which aim to entertain. To keep people entertained, they carefully choose which sessions are included and there is much editing.

I know this from speaking to some people in the industry – both on camera and behind the camera. I also know this from being contacted by media companies. One in particular stands out where they were looking for a medium for a TV show. They were most concerned in finding someone who could make people become really emotional.

People are where they are emotionally. Not everyone is going to cry. Not every spirit comes through asking for forgiveness or saying they love you or they are sorry. Some come to say hi. Others come with messages.

For example, I had a client whose father abused her. He had passed over. She had a lot of anger toward her father. Her father did come in spirit, however, he did not come through asking for forgiveness. He said he would have done things differently, but he never said the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Some people come hoping to connect with a particular spirit. Often time they do step forward. Sometimes they are not the first spirit to come forward – there are others that want to speak or be acknowledged.

On some occasions, the particular spirit does not come through at all. It doesn’t mean that the spirit does not care about you just because they didn’t come through. There are a few reasons why a spirit may not choose to step forward.

Sometimes the client isn’t ready to hear from that spirit. They may have guilt or grief that is strong. There was one client who really wanted to hear from her child who had passed.

The first time she came, the child’s spirit didn’t step forward. She came again months later and this time, the boy came forward but didn’t step in too closely. He was respecting her space.

I notice that some spirits are stronger than others. It makes it easier to connect with them. This doesn’t seem to matter in terms of their personality. It also doesn’t matter how soon one tries to connect with them after death. Some clients think that they have to wait for a while, but I’ve had spirit come the day they died.

When people come for a mediumship session with me, I don’t know who is going to step forward. Sometimes it’s someone very close to you. However, it may be someone that you’ve never met. My great-grandmother used to come to me – I don’t even have a photo of her or know her name. Also, it’s not always family. It could be a neighbour, family friend, or someone you went to school with, etc.

When I start a mediumship session, I open up my energy and wait. I tend to see, hear, feel, and on occasion, smell scents. Usually the first thing I perceive is the feeling of someone else’s energy. They often stand behind me or to one side.

From there, I get a general sense of if that spirit is male or female. Then I may hear words or short phrases. They may show themselves completely to me, or they may show me their hair, or their hands.

They give me information directly, sometimes using metaphors or symbols. If it’s a very strong connection, I see more and hear more.

Sometimes I get a feeling of a type of relationship. For example, if someone comes through with fatherly energy, it doesn’t mean that is your father. It could be your father, your grandfather, or someone who was like a father to you. Other times, it’s clear who that spirit is.

Sometimes I get really specific information. When I relay the information, I may need your help to understand what it means for you as I am just the messenger.

Once I read for a woman who was really grieving. Her husband had passed and he came through in spirit. He gave me a date. When I asked her if that meant anything to her, she said that was the date he died.

Another time, someone’s father in spirit showed me himself in a hospital bed and two people standing beside it. Then he gave me the word “sing”.

It turned out that the client and her daughter had stood beside his hospital bed and sang to him in his dying days.

It’s just confirmation of who that spirit is and that they are there. That’s the whole point of mediumship -to be the connector for those in the living and those in spirit. It also is something I do for myself.

I wish everyone would learn to do this. It’s a teachable skill – I know because I teach people how to do this. It makes the difference between feeling you are alone and knowing you are still connected to loved ones and spirits that guide you.

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