The Ghost Who Ate Pizza

ghost eats pizza

Ghosts are known to do many things – give someone the “chills”, make noises, even move objects. But eat pizza?

This is about a little boy who waved to the air. His mother was so scared that she wanted to move. They had a few spirits roaming their house and a couple of them were not nice. Here is their story.

I was contacted by a couple whose little boy was causing them some concern. He was just a toddler and could only say a couple of words. When I saw him, the first thing I noticed was his aura. He had the most beautiful aura – so bright and clear. It was apparent that this child was extremely gifted and had a more developed spirit than most. He was an old soul and very spiritually evolved.

But it wasn’t their son’s aura that was the concern. It was his odd behaviour. First the mother noticed that he would happily wave to the air. She didn’t take it seriously and waved to the air with him. But then things started to change.

Objects started to move on their own. Knocking was heard late at night on one of the walls. Then she felt the ghost touch her. All these things were really bothering her. The little boy on the other hand, was happily waving. He even started to feed the ghost his pizza one dinner, making the num-num noises that his parents did when they were feeding him!

Usually when I am contacted for a house clearing, the house is older and many people have lived there. This house was brand new. They had been there for a year and were the first owners. So how is it that they had so many spirits in the house?

I’ve come across this before and it can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is someone in the house who is drawing in spirits. It can be a child or an adult living in the house that has an energy signature that is especially attractive to the spirit world.

The energy signature of the living person could attract either higher or lower vibrational spirits – nice ghosts or not so nice ghosts. If the person has lower vibrational energy over a long period of time – say someone who is depressed or an addict – they may attract the same type of spirit. This spirit can vicariously feed off their energy.
Another reason spirits are attracted to someone is because they have such a nice big beautiful aura and usually, because they have mediumship abilities. In this case the little boy with the pizza eating ghost fits into this category. Think of moths attracted to a light. Same kind of thing.

But to complicate matters even more, I noticed another reason why there were spirits in a newly built house.
As I was driving into the subdivision, I felt strange energy in certain places. Some streets seemed to have this energy and others didn’t. It was the land itself. The house had been built on a small pocket of land that had a history.

It was interesting to note that the neighbours did not mention any ghostly activity in their houses to the parents of this little boy. That could be for two reasons.

First, there was no spirit activity in their houses because they were not on a piece of land that was affected.
Second, the people living in those houses were not sensitive to energy and couldn’t feel, see, or hear the spirits. Those spirits were not moving objects and thus would not be perceived. If you can’t perceive them, it’s life like usual for the living.

It took two visits to the house to cross two different spirits. The first one was a woman who didn’t belong to the family or the land. She was what I refer to as a drop in. She was one of the ones that this child was waving to.
I first noticed her when I was in the basement. She popped in briefly, and then left. When she showed herself again, it was in the living room. That’s when I talked to her.

Seems like she lived to a good age and had children of her own, including at least one son. Although her children were adults when she died, she still felt like she should be mothering them. When she passed, she felt she still hadn’t done enough for them.

For whatever reason, she had adopted the little boy after being attracted by his light. Think of it. You leave your body for the last time. On the way to the Big Bright White light, another bright light catches your eye. This would let you finish some of the unfinished business you felt you still had.

Why not stick with her own children? I don’t know. I didn’t think to ask. I just wanted to cross her over so she could be at peace and so could the family. And that’s what I did.

Despite crossing her, the activity in the house continued. The second visit produced a male spirit that was more mischievous. Sometimes spirits can be tricky and they run when they see me coming because they know why I’m there.
This one had purposely not shown himself the first time. This time, he wouldn’t be able to hide. I brought my house clearing partner to help in the second sweep. It took some work, but finally he left and went through the light.
Two spirits crossed! The house felt fine. So the child should stop waving, right?

Not likely. He also waves to family that have already crossed into the light. These spirits pop in and out to watch over him.

This boy is not unique. As we move further and further along in the ascension process, we are finding more and more children being born with amazing psychic and spiritual abilities. They are here for a purpose.

As the Earth raises her vibration, we must evolve with her. These children are here to help anchor the new energies. They are here to show us what is possible for us. But they need us to understand them and nurture them. After all, they are children and they are our future.

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