Moving Houses? No Spirit Left Behind

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Once in a while I have a client wonder if their family in spirit will move with them when they sell their house, or move places. Will they really move with you?

Why is it then, that there are spirits that don’t belong to your family in a house you may be living in? Especially the unwelcome ghosts who move objects – why do they stay? Shouldn’t they have moved with whomever they were related to?

The answer is – it depends. Some of you know that my mom passed when I was 11. At that time, we were living in a particular house. A couple of years later, we moved to a new house.

I didn’t tell my mom – “Hey! Pack your spirit bags, we’re moving!” First, she would already know. When you are in spirit, you have more information than when you are incarnated.

Second, as she had already crossed through the light and was visiting from there, she had no vested interest in the house. The reason she was coming around the house where I lived when she passed, and the new house after we moved, was because she wanted to visit me and the rest of the family.

This, by the way, is the same with pets. Pets go through the light so naturally. They don’t have the baggage of humans. They can visit anyone, anytime, anywhere – just like people who have crossed over. So your pet can visit you in your new space just as easily as your old space.

But what about the spirit in your house that doesn’t belong to you? Why are they still there? Most likely, they are attached to the place or and haven’t crossed into the light. Sometimes, you just want to tell those ghosts to get out of your house!

Whether it’s the land itself or the house, there is a reason why they chose to not to go through the light when it was their time.

When spirits don’t cross into the light, they keep their heavier human emotions, issues, and attachments. So if those emotions were associated with a particular place, then they would likely stay with the place and see it as their space.

The new people who move in may be seen as an intrusion into their space. Or, sometimes, that spirit may like the new people.

However, it doesn’t help the spirit to remain on the earth plane. They gain a greater understanding once they cross over. They can still visit whenever they like. There are other learnings that happen in the spirit realm.

Spiritual progression does not stop just because you are no longer in a body. The divine plan continues for each soul, each life form, each consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if you move down the street, to another province or state, or another country. There is a bond of love from the other side that can cross any boundary.

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