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If you are planning to sell your house, your real estate agent will recommend certain things be done. Maybe your house needs a new coat of paint to brighten it up, or staging the furniture in a way that makes the flow better. But what about how your house actually feels? Could that be why your house isn’t selling?

Sure, your house may look wonderful. But when prospective buyers step in the door or go to a particular part of the house, do they feel all the left over emotional energy or the stress that you’ve been feeling since deciding to sell your house? Believe it or not, it does seem to make a difference when you want to sell your house.

Sometimes it’s that feeling of just not liking the place but not being able to say why. There is something about it that they can’t quite put their finger on.

The average person is not going to be able to aware of the energetic influence because it is usually picked up on a subconscious level. Even people who are empathic (empathic individuals can pick up on other people’s emotions and energy changes in their environment), may be aware of how it’s affecting them but not why or know what to do about it.

I’ve been called to clear houses, businesses, apartments, condos, even a motel! People want to make sure that any leftover residual energy isn’t going to affect how people feel when entering their house. You want to do everything you can to sell your house so you get the best offer.

Sometimes people want the house they just bought cleared so they aren’t going to pick up or be affected by the energies that may still be there. So it isn’t just when you sell your house, it could be before you move into the next space.

I find that there are some common energetic reasons why a house isn’t selling when everything else is right. Here are the top three.

Lifting Stagnant Energy to Help Sell Your House

Energy likes to move and flow. If a room isn’t used often, sometimes the energy may feel stagnant. Usually with stagnant energy, there is a bit of a stale and heavy feeling.

Imagine eating a piece of toast that was slightly stale, and imagine eating a piece of toast from a freshly baked loaf. Both may be perfectly toasted, but you’ll taste a subtle difference if it was stale. It’s the same for a room with stale energy. There is a subtle feeling that may affect a buyer.

Another reason why energy becomes stagnant is that furniture and knick-knacks clutter up areas and block the energy flow. Sometimes moving furniture around and clearing away some clutter can help. Even so, the energy may still need to be lifted to help it get moving and feel lighter to help sell your house.

Energetic Imprints from Traumatic Situations

When there has been a traumatic or stressful situation in a house, it leaves an energetic imprint or residue that stays there. The stronger the emotional energy, the stronger the residual imprint.

When someone has passed, the sickness or suffering of the individual who has crossed and those who are left behind grieving can be pretty heavy. Emotions like grief, anger, depression, and resentment can change the energetic frequency or vibration of a house and that can affect how quickly you sell your house.

Negative emotions and stress may come from a number of life events that are traumatic to go through. Sometimes it’s a house where a couple has fought and is divorcing and that’s why the house is for sale. Other times it’s because a partner has passed away or a business has failed. A forced sale is seldom a happy one.

In these situations, selling a house as quickly as possible is necessary for financial or health reasons. In other cases, the house is already empty. Although the people are long moved out, their energy imprint is still there and can affect how quickly your house sells.

A Spirit is Interfering with Selling Your House

Selling a house may be difficult if there is a spirit who is attached to the house or property that just doesn’t want you to move or for new owners to come in. These spirits are ones that have not crossed into the light. They are different from your loved ones who visit you and who are already in the light.

I’ve cleared houses where there are spirits attached to the land. Houses are often built over old farm land or going further back in time, on land where pioneers or other land owners once lived or travelled over.

Occasionally it’s a spirit that is attracted to a particular person, like a child in the house. Children who are open spiritually or have psychic abilities may attract a spirit to them. The spirit may not want the family to leave. Usually this spirit feels kindly to the child but somewhat possessive as if they know what’s best for the child.

Some spirits are kind, others are stubborn. Some are tricky, others are straightforward. No matter what their temperament, their presence in your house may affect the way people feel when they are going through. It may be difficult to sell your house with a spirit present.

Once I’ve crossed a spirit over into the light, it is amazing how the energy of the room or area lightens up. It can make a tangible difference, so much so, that those who asked me to do the house clearing could feel a difference themselves.

When I work to clear a house of heavier energies to make it feel lighter and happier, I keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to sell your house. That means I do not use white sage to smudge the area because it leaves behind an odour that may be offensive. I use other tools that I find to be more effective.

Smudging a house will not cross a spirit into the light. Lifting the energy of a house will not cross a spirit. Sure, it will help to sell your house because it will feel better energetically, but to cross a spirit into the light you have to communicate with it and make sure that it goes through into the light.

I’ve cleared houses where after sitting on the market for weeks or even months, it sells shortly thereafter. That’s why it’s worth making sure that you have everything ready to sell your house – not just the coats of paint, or the staging of furniture, but a clear and uplifting energy ready to welcome the next new owners into a great space.

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  • Tionni December 12, 2016, 1:52 pm

    Hi, I enjoyed your article. I have a question. I am a first degree reiki practitioner and studying to be a real estate agent. Can you give me tips on how to set a precedence for myself?

  • Selina Khan December 18, 2016, 3:59 pm

    Hi Tionni,

    Glad you enjoyed the article. Trust your intuition. Take some basic business classes. There is a ton of information about how to get yourself established both on the internet, and offered by many governmental agencies and libraries.

    Good luck!

  • Milagros June 25, 2017, 10:45 am

    Hi my family calls me Millie. And I was born very spiritually, I don’t work with it I just cleaned my house the best of my knowledge. My question is i just move in to a house how when I am sleeping they calling my name and touching me how they know my name different place. How they know when I leave come back a men told me hi Millie you back. Weird lol

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