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When I get a call about a ghost or spirit in someone’s house that they would like cleared out, I take a variety of tools with me. Did you know that you can capture a ghost or spirit voice on a digital recorder? It’s called EVP.

EVP or electronic voice phenomenon happens when the spirit leaves an actual voice imprint on an audio recorder. This case is the clearest ghost voice recording EVP I have ever captured.

I was contacted by a new tenant of a house to clear her place of any spirits. This was a routine procedure for her whenever she moved and this was the second place I’d cleared for her.

The basement had some energy there that was not settled. It wasn’t because there was a spirit there. This was residual energy which was left over from a former tenant.

As I walked through the rest of the house, it felt relatively calm. Then I got to the top floor where the bedrooms where. The back bedroom was the kids room.

Here there was a spirit! But this was family and not a ghost. They had already crossed. They just popped in every once in a while to look over the kids.

When I reached the front bedroom, I smelled a very strong scent of sweet floral. I then sensed a female presence in the room. She told me how much she loved the house and wish to stay.

I really felt for this spirit. This was not a haunting or a ghost as people see on TV. This was a woman who had died and just loved that particular house. It had been home to her and she didn’t want to leave it. I could feel how much this house meant to her.

As my client is very sensitive to energy and wanted to ensure that she was able to live there in peace. So I began preparations to cross her into The Light.

I explained to her the circumstances and asked if she would go into the light. She understood and agreed that she would cross.

Before she willingly went into the light, I asked her to give us her name by speaking into the audio recorder. There were three of us in the room and not one of us audibly heard a voice. There was just silence for the 60 seconds.

As soon as Grace crossed, that wonderful sweet floral scents disappeared and all I could smell was paint from the closet they were repainting. When we listened to the recording later, her voice comes through loud and clear, saying her name. Had I known she could work so well with this kind of equipment, I would have asked her to give us more about herself.

Here is the ghost voice recording of Grace. We were in a room where the window was closed. We were on the second floor, and there were no other people in the house, or walking by the house at that time. You’ll hear her whisper her name right after I gave her 60 seconds to reply. There is nothing after her name in the remaining 60 seconds.

Listen to Grace’s ghost voice recording – mp3

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  • Sophia April 12, 2011, 8:21 am

    I felt so bad for Grace… especially when she asked you nicely to stay…I’m a bit confusted I thought when you die you automatically re-emerge with your higher-self? Where would her higher self be, and why couldnt she get there herself?

  • admin April 16, 2011, 12:06 am

    Yes, I did too. She really loved the house and is such a very nice spirit! But I also know that there is such incredible love and wisdom on the other side, that this phase of her journey was not really complete until she crossed over.

    From my experience, most people tend to cross within a short period of time after they die. Angels, other family members in spirit, and/or spirit guides will come to help them and greet them. They tend to come in the final moments of death, and they all go through the light together.

    Occasionally, for whatever reason (unfinished business, emotional attachment, or other psychological-emotional reasons) the spirit may decide to stick around and not cross. If they finish their business, they may cross over unassisted. But sometimes they need some help to let go, resolve, and understand that their real home is on the other side.

    Where is your higher-self? The answer depends on your belief system – in heaven, on the other side, within, it doesn’t exist, it’s already part of you….and I don’t think there is a wrong answer. It’s just our mental filters and how we experience that wise part of us.

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