The Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and The Tree of Life

Syzygy Oracle Tarot Card

What do you get when you combine the wisdom of tarot, Kabbalah, and modern feminine mysticism? Heather Mendel’s The Syzygy Oracle is an engaging tool that draws on ancient knowledge and new understanding that is fitting for our time of ascension.

With the Syzygy Oracle, you can transform yourself through the sacred pathways that embrace a new vision of balancing the divine feminine with divine masculine energy.

More than just a tarot, these beautifully illustrated cards can be used as a meditation focus and as a gateway to access soul consciousness through mantra and the energies of the Tree of Life.

Heather Mendel Syzygy Oracle Tarot Card

In fact, the cards unfold in a way that may help women understand their life with a perspective that brings a new meaning to the divine feminine and how it exists within ourselves and the lives we create.

The name of this tarot, Syzygy (pronounced si-zi-gee), reflects that perfect point of balance in a world of polarities. Carl Jung used the word syzygy to describe the balancing of opposites. Another concept comes from an astronomical perspective. When the sun, moon and earth are in a certain alignment, it’s also known as syzygy.

As beings of light, we draw on both solar and lunar energies, letting their cycles illuminate us as we mirror their radiance. As we evolve as a species, our inner state will determine what we see about ourselves as the universe becomes our mirror.

How would we perceive ourselves when we are truly balanced in light and dark, masculine and feminine? Once we reach that balance point within, does duality continue to exist or can we transmute it?

Heather Mendel Syzygy Oracle Tarot Card

The Syzygy Oracle takes a new look at the traditional Major Arcana cards — the “face cards” of Tarot. It is here that the invitation is given to each seeker to start to see oneself in the path of the cards.

Appropriately, the first Major Arcana card is the Initiating Card. This card captures the theme of trust. Each card is given a mentor, symbol, Hebrew letter, pathway on the Tree of Life, and essential oil association.

Despite its integration of Kabbalistic concepts, this Oracle is truly a universal deck. It draws on many cultures to illustrate and embody the feminine archetype. Reaching into Greek, Egyptian, Native, and Asian cultures to name a few, Heather Mendel unifies the journey of every person – whether male or female – as we seek to understand the gifts of feminine energy within us.

As we move through each card, facets of our humanness are revealed and we end our journey with the innate essence of that spark of spirit – the power to become, the power to create and to claim the creation of self as what it is, a celebration of life.

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  • Mary Madalene October 21, 2015, 3:53 am

    The design on these tarot cards are fantastic. I am really drawn to them myself. I use a few oracle cards- The Wisdom of Avalon, and the Journey of Love cards. I get a more deeper reading for others using the Wisdom set . For myself I tend to go to the JoL set.

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