Meditation Tips for Health

Meditation for Health

Health is often a question that comes up in psychic readings and reiki energy healing sessions. This health question comes from one of my clients. She asks…

“I was just wondering if you have any meditation tips for shifting myself into a mindset of health. I think that part of the problem is my perception of being stuck with the health issue and not being able to find a solution.”

Yes there are things you can do to shift your energy and mindset about any health issue. Here are two techniques to start incorporating right away.

1. It Has Already Happened!
Believe with all of your being that you have already been healed. More important than the belief that your health restoration has already happened, is the feeling of gratitude and joy. This technique has been used by many people.

Gregg Braden talks about this in detail in this you tube video. It shows an amazing clip (which is actually from a Qi Gong clinic in China – he calls it a no-medicine clinic) of belief and emotion in action with a tumour.

2. Speak With Your Body!
Your body is speaking to you – are you listening? Here’s how you can learn what your body is trying to tell you. First, read my blog on The Body Speaks, and then try the following meditation.

Close your eyes and relax. Focus on whatever body part is ailing you. Tell it that you are sorry you haven’t been understanding what it has been trying to tell you and let it know that you are going to listen to whatever it needs to tell you. Then listen, perceive, receive.

Remember that your body tends to speak to you in metaphors. Honour any images or feelings that come up. If you don’t understand, ask your body to share the message in a different way.

When you are done, thank your body for communicating with you. Let your body know what you are willing to do.

I’ve used many different approaches to my health over time. From my experience, I’ve found that it usually takes several techniques, patience and insight to create the energetic conditions for myself to heal.

I’m lucky that I’m a Reiki Master and I know my mind and emotions well. I’m also lucky that I can do my own past life regressions. In addition to checking out health issues with your doctor (which I always recommend), you can:

  • Thank God or the Universe for the miraculous healing you’ve already received
  • Laugh all day
  • Love yourself and everyone around you
  • get Reiki or another type of energy healing
  • do a past life meditation to see if there is anything to learn about this illness that may stem from a past life
  • watch your thoughts for self-criticism, negative language, and how you identify yourself with your illness
  • Dialogue with your body and form a new relationship with it of listening, loving it, and taking action that meets your body’s needs
  • think back to when the feelings that are related to this health issue first came up in your life (get past the fear and get to the real emotion) – this is often where you need to heal
  • Miracles do happen. May they happen to you everyday.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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