Creating a Meditation Space to Boost Your Meditation

How to Boost Your Meditation with a Meditation Space

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Meditation is one of the most important methods for achieving lasting inner peace, gaining enlightenment, and opening your psychic and mediumship abilities. Creating a meditation space or meditation corner can help you reach that state quicker, and reach deeper states.

When I was in my mid-teens, I started to meditate. I didn’t Aum or Om, nor did I follow my breathing. Instead, I focused on my chakras. I used to lie down and see and feel my chakras spinning.

Almost every time, I would fall asleep. When I woke up I felt slightly sick as if pulled out of a deep state of sleep without warning. I later learned I was probably astral travelling and coming back to my body too fast. I didn’t remember anything from my “sleep” state.

Then in my twenties, I really really wanted to meet my spirit guides. Apparently, it wasn’t quite time yet. I had some things to sort out in my life first. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

A couple years later, the universe decided it was time to step up my spiritual education. In typical loving universe fashion, it was not a direct path. It was my birthday and I received money for a massage.

I found a massage person online, and booked an appointment. For some reason, I told her that I wanted to learn to talk to my spirit guides. And guess what she says? “I can teach you that.”

Part of the training was to meditate every day. In order to help with this, she suggested that I meditate at the same time, in the same place.

When you do this, it builds the energy in that spot. The energy that you create through consistently meditating in the same place will help you to reach a calmer, deeper state.

There is a “sweet” time to meditate according to the Yogis. It’s said that the best time to meditate is early in the morning. Really early. 3am to 6am kind of early.

I have never been able to do it. I like sleep. My body prefers to meditate around 2pm or 7pm. I understand the reasoning. At 3am it’s very quiet. No thought pollution, noise pollution, less electromagnetics from cell phones and computers. Less interference.

My first meditation space was a corner in my bedroom. I really didn’t have space for anything fancy. I had a candle on my bedside table. I ended up not using it too often as the flickering light bothered me. Some people get a picture of a deity, flowers, crystals – whatever you want to personalize your area.

It doesn’t matter if you sit on the floor, a cushion or a chair. I do not suggest laying down to meditate as you are likely to fall asleep if you are tired.

Some people nod off even if they are sitting on a chair. Sit on the edge of the chair so your back is not supported. This may help you to stay awake, or better yet, get more rest!

There is no right way to meditate. You can do guided meditations, chant out loud or in your head, follow your breathing, gaze at a flower/picture/candle flame. The end is more important than the means, although different techniques can produce different experiences.

Consistency also counts. It’s better to meditate for 10 minutes a day, rather than an hour every week.

Whatever method you use or space you meditate in, you’ll find all you need right inside you.

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