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places to meditate

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So you’ve decided that meditation would be a good thing for you. After all, meditation can help you be less stressed, sleep better, lower blood pressure and become less reactive just to name a few benefits. But does where you meditate matter? What are the best places to meditate? There are different places to meditate depending on what you are drawn to and what suits your style and energy.

Here are my top 5 best places to meditate. Some of them may surprise you! It’s not about going to famous spiritual sites in the world (although there are some places which would be awesome to meditate in). You really need look no further than your own city or town, or maybe even your own backyard.

1. Nature
Why is nature number one? There are obvious reasons – the fresh air, the peace of getting away from noise of the city, being surrounded by calming nature sounds – bird calls, the rustle of leaves in the trees, water flowing. It’s easy to relax and get into the right space to start meditating.

Depending on the type of meditation you are doing, you can use the sounds around you as a focal point or even the sensation of the breeze on your skin.

But there are other reasons too. The earth has a natural frequency which we need to tap into in order to stay healthy. There is scientific reason to have physical skin to earth contact and that has to do with your health. Studies show that people who have regular skin to earth contact – whether by walking barefoot on the ground or laying down on the earth – are physically healthier and happier.

I believe that nature has a frequency which is in alignment with divine energies. There is no ego in nature – nothing to get in the way of connecting to higher vibrations so nature easily channels through divine energy. When we open up to nature frequencies, we become more receptive to recalibrating our systems to our natural baseline frequency. It makes it easier to slip into a meditative state because the frequencies of nature help us by enhancing those same frequencies within us. Those are just my ideas. Anyway, I feel that nature is definitely #1 on my list of best places to meditate.

2. Church
I’ve been in different churches on my travels and there are many where I notice how wonderful it is to be in the energy where so many people have connected through prayer. Energy builds and permeates the space. You don’t have to be of a particular religion to appreciate the ambiance and energy of a church which has loving spiritual energy.

Some ancient churches have been constructed with sacred geometry in mind and this can help to shape the energy within the building to a particular resonance. The dome of a mosque, the pattern on a stained glass window, statues with hand gestures of blessings – all these things have deeper meaning which the psyche recognizes and helps to shift us into a place of openness and stillness. Just sitting in this energy and breathing it into your being is a beautiful way to meditate.

3. Your Closet
Yes, you read that right. Number three on the list is your closet. Empty of course! Except for whatever you need to be comfortable while meditating like a chair and/or pillows.

Why a closet? Here’s my rationale. When you do something in a particular location, you leave an energy imprint or residual behind. Let’s say you do the same thing in the same place over and over again. Now you have a build up of a particular kind of energy.

A confined space, like a closet, can help to contain the energy and because it’s a small space it builds up quicker. You needn’t shut yourself in! Just leave the door open and sit in the space. Meditate here and soon you’ll find that it becomes easier to get into meditation not only because of your routine, but also, because of the energy you are building in the closet space.

4. In Bed
Some of you may not agree with this because it’s too easy to fall asleep. But sometimes I’m just too tired to sit up and yet my mind is too active to sleep. In that case, being in bed solves two problems.

First, it’s comfortable. I don’t have to fiddle with pillows behind my back or have my feet fall asleep from being in the wrong sitting position. If my body is tired, all it wants to do is rest.

Second, once I’ve done my meditation, I’m relaxed and already in bed so it’s easy to drift off to sleep.

As an added bonus, you can easily rest your hands on your abdomen to help you focus on the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe if you like doing mindfulness meditation. Also, if you do Reiki, you can channel energy through your hands too. Even if you don’t have Reiki training, the intention of relaxing the areas where your hands rest on your body can be enough to start energy channelling.

5. Wherever You Are…
…as long as it doesn’t involve driving or operating machinery or some other kind of task where you really ought to be aware. Meditation can be done anywhere – in a crowded place, in a quiet place, sitting, standing, walking.

It’s better to meditate anywhere than not meditate at all. Don’t wait to have the perfect meditation corner set up. Don’t keep delaying because you live in a noisy environment or don’t get out to nature much. Just start where you are! The benefits of meditating are well worth it.

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