Intention Experiments – Hope for the Future?

intention experiments - intentions of peace

Have you ever intended something to happen, and it does? We’ve been told that we are more powerful than we know. Sure, you can manifest a car, a new job, a relationship – just like the law of attraction teaches you.

With power comes responsibility. And we are caretakers of each other and the planet. So why aren’t we using our intention to shift what’s happening on the planet? Apparently, it’s possible.

I just listened to an interesting segment on Coast to Coast Radio (Art Bell – June 6, 2012, part 3) about how your intention can cause measurable and statistically significant changes in the world.

His guests were Lynne McTaggart and Roger Nelson, both who have been conducting scientific intention experiments. The results are remarkable.

McTaggart focuses on creating peace through group intention. She has found that a group of eight or more has a greater impact than one person’s intention. We create a field of consciousness by our thoughts, emotions and intentions. This field penetrates and overlaps with the consciousness fields of others.

Where it gets interesting is when each person holds the same intention. The fields interact and it amplifies the power – the field is supercharged.

McTaggart has tested this phenomenon to see what happens when intentions of peace and healing are focused on particular areas in the world.

McTaggart has done at least 24 scientific intention experiments. In some cases, the UN has supplied her with data so she could track the results in war torn areas.

Out of 24 experiments, 20 showed positive results (83%). Crime dropped significantly in cities; attacks dropped significantly in war torn countries.

Interestingly enough, Art Bell asked if focused intentions of evil would have the same magnitude of impact in a detrimental way. McTaggart replied that she thought it would. However, due to the ethics of conducting such a study (one would not want to raise crime or violence in an area through intention), that it was her opinion based on what she has seen with intention so far.

McTaggart conducted experiments with fear and intention. When intention was done through loving compassion, the impact was far more tangible than if the intention was fear based.

This is because love and compassion automatically connects us with another, whereas fear separates us. Fear interferes with the amplitude of consciousness field interaction.

Another thing she notes is that a generalized intention does not work as well as a focused intention. Focusing on world peace will not have the same effect as focusing on a particular country or city.

McTaggart found that the people who participated in the peace experiments reported that their own life shifted in many positive ways. Their relationships improved and they felt more love and joy in themselves.

So what does this mean for you? There are many ways to affect the world. You do it every day through your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

Can you imagine the shift if many small groups of people got together to focus their loving intentions on the people, animals, environment, food supply, political systems, economic systems, cities and countries? You could start with one friend, your family, or just yourself. Peace is possible.

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  • J January 28, 2013, 11:53 pm

    OMG, life is funny.

    I was actually thinking about it this weekend as I felt so powerless in regards to the Syrian situation, and felt so small to do anything about it. However seeing what we can now see on the net it is very hard not to get extra emotional about it and get extra eager to do something about, but how and what.????
    Today I re-read your post and it gave me so much light. That is why I love your blog. I can always get back here and find the light.

    Thank you Selina.

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