Edgar Cayce and Karma

Karma and Edgar Cayce

Let’s talk karma. Today I did a reading over the phone for a woman in the UK who has a firm belief in karma as harm others and be punished. She spent her life raising her children, living with an abusive husband, and trying to do her “duty” to her family. Coming from an (east) Indian background, I wasn’t surprised to hear her say that she prays for bad karma accumulated from her last life to be lifted so she doesn’t have to suffer.

Are we punished in this life time for our previous bad actions in past life times? I wrote about my view of karma in another blog post Psychic Readings – Can I Change My Destiny? Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Prophet, had this refreshing view of karma.

Edgar Cayce believed that life is an adventure of experiences. These experiences are a challenge to become a better person. The experience by itself doesn’t dictate who the individual is as a person. What counts is how the individual chooses to face those experiences.

In other words, the experiences are not karmic punishment. They are an opportunity for us to grow. Now we come to the part about reincarnation, which Edgar Cayce believed in and is evident in his thousands of readings.

What he does say about karma is this – karma is simply patterns of memory! It is not a debt that must be paid and it is not certain happenings that must be experienced because of past misdeeds. So the concept of karma as memory can be quite freeing. Here’s how Edgar Cayce described it.

Our pattens of memory, known as karma, can be thought of as a pool of information. This information is stored in something called the Akashic Records. This is the proverbial Book of Life – the eternal recordings of everything about you from all of your life times up to this very moment. According to Edgar Cayce, this is what our subconscious draws upon in the present.

This pool of memory patterns has both positive and negative elements. So our subconscious mind draws on this memory bank and brings this energy into creating our present experiences. This subconscious memory also has an influence on how we think, react and what we choose.

We possess subconscious memories of situations that still need to be learned and patterns that we keep choosing to experience. However, although the memory is there, we still have the freedom to choose how we react and therefore we determine the path we take in this present life.

Edgar Cayce was not as much concerned as to the why of certain situations happened to people, as to the how in choosing to respond.

If we view karma as Edgar Cayce did, it lifts the entrapment of viewing experiences in which we suffer as things that must be endured because of our past choices. You get to experience the effects of the patterns of choices that you have created and still be empowered. Ultimately, you are in control of your perceptions, responses and personal growth.

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