Can a Psychic Bring Someone Back?

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Just received a question from one of our readers:

“Hi i was just reading your blog and you stated that no one can make anyone do anything including coming back to a relationship. i guess my question is if i want someone who i was in a relationship with to come back to me you wouldn’t be able to help me?” It’s a good question – can a psychic bring someone back?

It’s a good question and one that comes up now and again. Here is my response:

“Thanks for your email. Yes that is correct – I nor anyone else, psychic or not, cannot make a person return to a relationship. That person would have to want to return of their own accord.

No “magick”, “spells”, prayers, or such will make a person do something against their will. However, you can use prayer and the energy of intention to ask for someone who is well matched to you to come into your life. Not a specific person by name.”

What I mean by the energy of intention is to focus on all the attributes that you would like to have in a partner. This could be part of a manifestation exercise. For example, maybe when you pray you ask for someone to come into your life who:

  • communicates well
  • has a great sense of humour
  • is physically attractive to you – here you can specify what you’d like your partner to look like (dark thick hair, brown eyes, etc)
  • …and anything else you can think of

You could get into all kinds of details and this helps to focus the energy. Don’t forget to add that if there is someone else out there who would be a better match for you then your request that you are open to receiving that person into your life.

In another blog post, I wrote about what “the secret” movie didn’t touch upon. Letting go and creating space in order to have room for the Universe to bring you someone or something new in your life. This is a crucial step so that you don’t end up blocking your stated intention.

A good psychic will bring you a glimpse of future possibilities, guidance on how to shift the present, and leave you feeling empowered and hopeful.

Empowerment means that you realize the future – including if you create the possibilities for a new relationship, a new job, or whatever it is you desire – is being created right now by your thoughts and actions.

If a psychic says that she or he must do something on your behalf so that you can get what you want, be very cautious. No one has more authority over your own life than you.

I will sometimes say a prayer for some of my clients. I don’t charge them for this and many times I don’t tell them either. I pray for them to find happiness, to improve relationships, find a suitable job, or for courage to change. It doesn’t take long, I don’t need a black candle and $400 from you, and I do it from my heart.

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